Kingstone / Groove Attack
August 22, 2005

Track list
  1. Runaway - T.O.K.
  2. Classical Party - Buccaneer
  3. Esa Niña - Bruce Barron
  4. Blaze It Up - Red Rat
  5. Shake Your Ass (Radio Edit) - CéCile
  6. Girls Come - Loogaman
  7. El Tic - Daddy Maza
  8. Never Gonna Let You Go - Danny English
  9. Ich Bin Wie Ich Bin - Lazy Youth
  10. Isyankar (Kingstone's Señorita Remix) - Mustafa Sandal feat. Gentleman
  11. Señorita Megamix
  12. Señorita Riddim - B. Bazzazian
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Cologne's Kingstone Sound, who have established themselves as a main force in the German soundscene over the last couple of years, have now released their first two riddims 'Señorita' and 'The Truth' as one-riddim samplers. Their first hard hitting bashment hit riddim 'Señorita', produced by Ben 'Benni Blanko' Bazzazian not only made it already at the end of last year on "Shining Stars Volume 3" in the excellent Germaican Records series featuring 'riddims that run Germaica', but the tune opening this album, T.O.K.'s "Runaway", also deservedly became a worldwide reggae hit and earned this riddim regular airplay in Jamaica and throughout the world, as well as on Air Jamaica's boardradio. Buccaneer chips in with an equally strong tune, also earlier featured on "Shining Stars Volume 3", not using his opera style (although the title might have you fear he's going for it once too often) for the impressive "Classical Party", before Bruce Barron, often to be seen and heard alongside Lazy Youth, who normally delivers smooth R&B-ish tunes, contributes the very entertaining party tune "Esa Niña" in Spanish. Red Rat delivers the fine ganja tune "Blaze It Up", before one of the two remaining tunes already released on "Shining Stars Volume 3" follows in its radio it, i.e. censored version, CéCile's "Shake That Ass" (the other being Kingstone selector Lazy Youth' excellent take on the riddim "Ich Bin Wie Ich Bin". Loogaman, member of Sean Paul's Dutty Cup Crew, entertains with "Girls Come" and so do Daddy Maza with his Spanish speedrap "El Tic" and Danny English with the lovers tune ripping through parts of the lyrics and the melody of the Janet Jackson & Shaggy combination "Oh Boy I Love You So" for his take on the 'Senorita' "Never Gonna Let You Go". The popcharts hitting version of the riddim in Germany, Gentleman's feature on Mustafa Sandal's chartbuster "Isyankar" is the last straight vocal tune before the fine "Señorita Megamix" mixing the T.O.K., Buccaneer, Red Rat, CéCile, Bruce Barron and Lazy Youth tunes in juggling soundsystem style including sound-FX and the clean "Señorita Riddim" version close a very satisfying first album release on Kingstone Records.