GERMAICA® & Sentinel proudly present ~ Sentinel Sound : Hold On To Your Love (Germaica Street Mix Vol.4)
June 21, 2007

Track list
  1. Intro
  2. Oh I Miss You - Beres Hammond
  3. Cottage In Negril - Tyrone Taylor
  4. Stay With You - Tarrus Riley
  5. Could It Be - Don Campbell
  6. I've Got News For You - Shalom
  7. Lady - Wayne Wade
  8. Nothing At All - Ghost
  9. There For You - Beres Hammond
  10. Love From A Distance - Beres Hammond
  11. They're Gonna Talk - Beres Hammond
  12. Love Is Divine - Sizzla
  13. Want You Back - Singing Melody
  14. If Loving You Is Wrong - Glen Washington
  15. Pretty Looks - Cornell Campbell
  16. Grooving My Girl - Richie Spice
  17. In Heaven - Daville
  18. Sexual Healing - Jimmy Riley
  19. Always On My Mind - Barbara Jones
  20. Always On My Mind - Daville
  21. This Time I Promise - Daville
  22. Unchained Melody - Sanchez
  23. Missing You - Sanchez
  24. Oh Me Oh My - Garnett Silk
  25. Love You Too Much - Wayne Wade
  26. Going Away - Sanchez & Beenieman
  27. Oh Baby Please (DUB) - Peter Hunnigale
  28. Perfect Lady - Peter Hunnigale
  29. Rearrange My Life - Sanchez
  30. Long Distance Call (DUB) - Ill Inspecta
  31. Sentinelmädschn (DUB) - Ronny Trettmann
  32. Everything I Own - Lukie D
  33. By Your Side - Ghost
  34. Rock Away (DUB) - Beres Hammond
  35. Just A Little Bit Longer - Maxi Priest
  36. Holding Back The Tears - Ed Robinson
  37. Ordinary People (BOST & BIM RMX) - John Legend
  38. If I Ain't Got You (BOST & BIM RMX) - Alicia Keys
  39. Love You - Ghost
  40. Some Guys Have All The Luck - Maxi Priest
  41. More Than I Can Say - Ras Shiloh
  42. When Will I See You Again - Marcia Griffiths
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Worldclash (NYC) 2005 winners Sentinel Sound might be known for MC Elmar's speech and their German Luger attitude also fully coming to blossom in their dubplates, but hosting the fourth volume of Germaican Records' Germaica Street Mix series carrying the full length title "GERMAICA® & Sentinel proudly present ~ Sentinel Sound : Hold On To Your Love ~ 80 Minutes Of Pure Lovers Rock (Germaica Street Mix Vol.4)" presenting a very nice mixture of (of course) sweet lovers tunes they unveil their softer side.

After the nightclubbish "Intro" it's Beres Hammond with "Oh I Miss You opening this wonderful smooth set, he's also the one getting most (5) tunes on this set, including the dubplate of "Rockaway", closely followed by the inimitable Sanchez with 4 tunes. Relatively few real oldies (only Jimmy Riley's take on Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" and Wayne Wade's "Lady" the latter representing also with "Love You Too Much") this is not just lovers rock but 'big people music' indeed. Lacking the normal riddim juggling, for soundsystems almost inescapable, the variety of tunes and riddims is great, however has it bad effect on the (non-)mixing, all transitions sounding alike this way.

Nevertheless this is your wonderful musical accompaniment for almost one and a half hour of romance, featuring the big crooners from both Jamaica and the UK, only 2 of Germaica's artists breaking in with their dubs, Ronny Trettmann with his "Sentinelmädschn (DUB)" (originally voiced over Triple Links' 'King Orle'-riddim) and Ill Inspecta with his "Long Distance Call (DUB)" (originally voiced over Jr Blender's 'Kaffee'-riddim) both delivered now over the Heptones' 'Pretty Looks'-riddim (of which the original is covered as well on this album by Cornell Campbell, but that is left out of this only version excursion).

Furthermore a special mention should go out to both Bost & Bim-remixes of nu-soul tunes, with John Legend's "Ordinary People" and Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You" both given the reggae treatment over the 'Stranger'-riddim taken from their "Yankees A Yard" remix CD and Sentinel's Meska & Elmar for closing this selection with what hopefully is a promise, Marcia Griffiths' take on the Three Degrees "When Will I See You Again" a.k.a. "Precious Moments" and those moments are exactly where this album is the perfect soundtrack for. An interesting lovers rock compilation that I can only recommend wholeheartedly (especially if you take into consideration the price at the Germaica Store).