Various artists album review
Serious Business
Jah Works
Pre-release CDR

Tracking list

  1. G.T. Moore - Ganja Flower
  2. Martin Campbell - Way Of The World
  3. Jah Rej - Time For A Dub
  4. Albaroot - Naturally
  5. I Natural - Good Over Evil
  6. Jah Rej - Nuclear Dub
  7. Albaroot Meet Jah Works - Tenement Man
  8. Mene Man - Save This World
  9. Jah Rej - Madness Madness
  10. UK Players feat. I&I Oneness - Take Heed
  11. MC & The Roots Dynamics - Cry Peace Dub
  12. Seventh Sense Allstars - Yes I
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : -

Every now and then something special happens when one puts a brand new CD into the CD player. This definitely goes for "Serious Business", a captivating UK Roots compilation set from producer Rej Forte aka Jah Rej. For over 10 years now Rej Forte has produced and released roots music whereby computers and sequencers are not employed and all instruments - excepting drum machine - are played live. He has not only released his own musical outings on his Jah Works imprint, but has also been active in promoting the careers of new names to the UK Reggae scene and has been responsible for the first releases of many artists including Martin Campbell, Sister Netifa, Donette Forte, Mene Man and UK Players. Jah Works productions and especialy Jah Rejís blistering dub mixes have long been favorites amongst the top UK sound systems, particularly the legendary Jah Shaka.
The album opens with the outstanding steppers "Ganja Flower" from singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist G.T Moore, a true pioneer of the British reggae scene with a recording career that stretches from the early seventies. Also Martin Campbell (from Channel One UK) delivers a very enjoyable and notable conscious effort entitled "Way Of The World", before Jah Rej himself drops a decent, echo-laden dub effort. Jah Rej delivers more dub niceness with "Nuclear Dub" and "Madness Madness". Then... Albaroot, a band from Scotland which really impresses with a great song called "Naturally". Formed in 1988 this band has developed a truly unique and appealing sound, which also can be experienced while playing "Tenement Man". "Good Over Evil" is a heavy roots tune from I Natural, upful and inspiring lead vocalist from the I&I Oneness crew. Mene Man, no.1 mike man on Jah Works Outernational Sound, is a highly talented and versatile singer whose "Save This World" is an above par message tune. UK Roots at its very best is delivered by UK Players feat. I&I Oneness - "Take Heed" - and MC & The Roots Dynamics - "Cry Peace Dub". With the instrumental piece "Yes I" Seventh Sense Allstars round off in fine style.
Crisp production, conscious music and some truly great efforts make "Serious Business" well worth checking out!

Teacher & Mr. T.