Necessary Mayhem Presents ~ Sess Retro & Electro Agony
Necessary Mayhem Records
July 18, 2006

Track list
  1. Sess Weh Yuh Want - Top Cat
  2. Everybody Artist - Shola Ama & Sweetie Irie
  3. Old School Style - JD a.k.a. Dready
  4. Bam Bam (Babychan) - Babychan
  5. Watch TV - YT
  6. Retail Therapy - Tippa Irie
  7. Kisses & Roses - Dawn Joseph
  8. UK Zunga Zeng - JD a.k.a. Dready
  9. England A Me Yard - YT
  10. Sweetie Medley - Sweetie Irie
  11. Lyric A Rhyme - Tippa Irie
  12. Agony Artist - Dolamite
  13. Old School Remix (Darker Shade Mix) - JD a.k.a. Dready
  14. Retro Sess (Instrumental) - Curtis Lynch Jnr
  15. Electro Agony (Instrumental) - Curtis Lynch Jnr
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Necessary Mayhem Records is the new label UK reggae producer Curtis Lynch Jnr. set up, after being involved in music production with Beenieman, Mr Vegas, Red Rat, Spragga Benz, Elephant Man and Danny Brownie as well as being involved on the production side with the Gorillaz double platinum self-titled double album. After discussing voicing a relick of Top Cat's first hit, 1988's "Love Mi Sess" over a one-drop riddim with BBC's Robbo Ranx, the latter suggested to rebuild the original riddim and when Curtis Lynch Jnr. did so in twenty(!) minutes, this riddim, when given the choice, was chosen the next morning to voice by Top Cat as the first of the very entertaining selections on this set "Sess Weh Yuh Want 2006". Veteran UK deejay Sweetie Irie teams up with UK's (1/4 Dominican, 1/4 St. Lucian, 1/4 Irish and 1/4 Scottish) premier Soul & RnB vocalist Shola Ama whose debut album "Much Love" from 1997 contained her biggest hit, a cover of Randy Crawford's "You Might Need Somebody", here revisited for the excellent combination with Sweetie "Everybody". So Solid Crew's JD a.k.a. Dready, who once in a while takes on a (normally rough and rugged) dancehall in great style convinces with the for him atypical rather melodious "Old School Style" without forgetting to insert some of his rougher delivery, followed by Suncycle Crew member Chenelle Williams-Emanuel a.k.a. Baby Chann doing her take on Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" "Babychan" and one of the most talked about UK deejays, the immensely talented YT doing his humorous adaptation of Tiger's "No Wanga Gut" called "Watch TV". UK veteran Tippa Irie who together with Peter King and Papa Levi during his residency at legendary UK sound system Saxon developed the 'fast rapping'-style is also both lyrically and delivery-wise very entertaining in his "Retail Therapy" and half Jersey (Channel Islands)/half Dominican singer-songwriter Dawn Joseph delivers the first tune over the second riddim 'Agony', the sweet "Kisses And Roses" followed by JD a.k.a. Dready, obviously very much by Yellowman's classic inspired delivering "UK Zunga Zeng" incorporating a very fine Junior Demus imitation in the same tune. YT's excellent tune is clearly Admiral Bailey inspired, yet his "England A Mi Yard" stands as an original tune, before Sweetie Irie not only fuses several of his hits into the "Sweetie Medley" but refers to the TV-gameshow "Deal Or No Deal" as well and Tippa Irie relicks his Saxon classic "Lyric A Rhyme" prototype speed-chat to full effect. Suncycle Crew boss Dolamite delivers his wicked back into the 80s tune "Agony" before we get a second probably even more entertaining "Oldschool Style RMX" backing JD a.k.a. Dready and to round off this perfect showcase of UK dancehall stars over the very enojoyable UK view on retro riddims are the clean "Retro Sess Instrumental" and "Electro Agony Instrumental" included. What a great must have two riddim album this is.