Various artists album review
Shanty Town
Pow Pow Productions
October 17, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Luciano - Love & Devotion
  2. Turbulence - Ethiopia Awakes
  3. Gentleman - Rumours
  4. Elijah Prophet - Put The People First
  5. Sizzla - Can't Keep Us Down
  6. Daddy Rings - The Wiff
  7. Anthony B - Time For The Love
  8. Sugar Black & Lehbanchuleh - Jah Jah Bless
  9. Tanya Stephens - Power Of The Girl
  10. Tippa Irie - The UK
  11. Jah Mason - Too Much Youth Dying
  12. Jack Radics - Dance With Me Baby
  13. Azrock - Girlie, Girlie
  14. Uman - Lyrics
  15. Shanty Town Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Remember Desmond Dekker's big international summer hit "007 (Shanty Town)" from 1967?! This Leslie Kong produced tune is the most enduring and archetypal of all so-called rude-boy records featuring one of the most infectious riddims ever to come from the Beverley's studio band. Now here comes a truly wicked do-over of that great riddim, courtesy of producer Ingo Rheinbay of Pow Pow Productions from Cologne, Germany. The "Shanty Town (aka Double 'O' Seven)" riddim follows up the original "Celebrate", Pow Pow's first bashment riddim. Even though remakes of classic riddims are no rarity in the history of Jamaican music, it doesn't happen that often that we're treated to such a well refurnished version of a shimmering rocksteady beat. Pow Pow's "Shanty Town" is an outstanding new version which fully benefits from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch. Previously released on 45s in the summer of 2003 the riddim proved to be a winner and soon became a favourite at the dances. Now it's available on cd, a real treat for non-vinyl buyers who are eager to catch up. Besides some of the top talent in Jamaica this 'one riddim' set also features German's reggae star Gentleman, one of the UK's best deejays Tippa Irie as well as other interesting new names. The inclusion of Azrock and Uman, who both deliver a tune that is sung in French, once again underlines the fact that reggae truly has gone international. All artists deliver solid to excellent efforts on the riddim. It's almost impossible to pick the standouts as every tune has its own merit and is truly above par, so let's just point out that we're particularly fond of Anthony B's "Time For The Love", Luciano's "Love & Devotion", Gentleman's "Rumours", Turbulence's "Ethiopia Awakes", Sizzla's "Can't Keep Us Down", Jah Mason's "Too Much Youth Dying" and "The Wiff" by Daddy Rings. As we already wrote when it appeared on 45s... a great riddim and wicked efforts, so make sure you get this great collection of tunes!!

Teacher & Mr. T.