The Shining Riddim
Lustre King
March 22, 2008

Army - The Shining Riddim Track list
  1. Jah Mason - Never Get Me Down
  2. Vaughn Benjamin - Inifinite Quality
  3. Dainjahmentalz, Jah Dan, Lyrical - Draw Fi Mi Lighter
  4. Pressure Busspipe - Fire Getting Redder
  5. Ilue - War In The Projects
  6. Army - Fruits Of The Earth
  7. Lutan Fyah - Fire In The Barn
  8. Batch - Jah Law
  9. Benjai - Stress You Bare
  10. Turbulence - No Other Girl
  11. Niyorah - Kick Up
  12. Abja - In The Ghetto Streets
  13. Natty King - Nah Chat To Dem
  14. Ras Attitude - Dem Can't Escape
  15. Brother Marcus - Praises
  16. Al Pancho - Bruk Yuh Bread
  17. Arkangel - What A Joy
  18. Digital Ancient- Shining Version
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
Two tracks across the heavyweight "Shining" riddim -- Jah Mason's "Never Get Me Down" and Brother Marcus' "Free Up" -- were featured on the 2005 released compilation set "Culture Dem 2", and both were amongst the best that cd had to offer. Furthermore it underpinned "Fire In The Barn", a track from Lutan Fyah's debut album "Time & Place". Now, at long last we would say, Lustre Kings Productions have unleashed six 7" singles and a 17 track 'riddim segment' cd for the riddim, which will surely please all those out there, who were instantly grabbed by the strength of the riddim when it first appeared on the aforementioned albums.

The "Shining" is a haunting, dark roots riddim laid by Digital Ancient, Corrin Haskell, Baptiste Ibar and David Prout, with contributions on percussion from the legendary Bongo Herman. It's one of those riddims that perfectly suits deejays, singjays and singers alike, as can be witnessed while listening to the various efforts on this album. By means of this 'one riddim' release the Lustre Kings production team more ore less builds a bridge between Jamaica and the booming modern roots movement of Virgin Islands as it predominantly features cuts performed by well known and also lesser known artists hailing from these Caribbean islands.

Most 'one riddim' albums tend to get boring when you hear tune after tune on the same backdrop (or when you have played the entire set a few times), but that ain't the case with "The Shining Riddim" as it is phat packed with great tunes... no fillers to be found! First Jah Mason drops his fiery "Never Get Me Down", and from there it goes from strength to strength as each and every track you'll hear maintains the high quality level throughout. It makes it almost impossible to enumerate the best efforts, so we simply suffice with pointing out our personal favorite tracks which are Vaughn Benjamin's Infinite Quality, Pressure Busspipe's Fire Is Getting Redder, Army's wonderful "Fruits Of The Earth", Nyorah's "Kick Up", and Abja's "In The Ghetto Streets". And also Digital Ancient's "Shining Version" deserves an honourable mention.

Highly recommended, so don't forget to check it out!