Show Off Riddim
TJ Records / E.21st Productions
June 6, 2007

Track list
  1. Kitty Police - Tifa
  2. Wife & Mate - Shane O
  3. Model Pon Dem - Richie Feelings & Beneton The Menace
  4. Wickedest Ride - Tony Matterhorn & Mr. Easy
  5. Gal Scene - Mr. Vegas
  6. Cut Eye - Mr. Lex
  7. Cry Me A River - Future Fambo
  8. Last Night - Mavado
  9. From A War - Vybz Kartel
  10. Garrison Anthem - Elephant Man
  11. Badman A Talk - Turbulence
  12. We Nuh Pet Dem - Sizzla
  13. Friends - Mr. Easy
  14. Bullet Proof Vest - Beenie Man
  15. Bullet Proof Skin - Bounty Killer
  16. Talk Bout Gun - Kiprich
  17. Oxtail, Rice & Peas - Bounty Killer
  18. Regulate - New Kidz
  19. Talk Up - Christopher
  20. Show Off Version - Andre 'Suku' Gray, Richard 'Shams' Browne & Linton 'TJ' White
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
New York's (to be more precise, Brooklyn based) Johnny Wonder has stepped up in the one riddim album market when both Greensleeves Records and VP Records slowed down their pace in releasing (especially dancehall) one riddim albums last year. Most of these came from the Jammy's crew and Ward 21, two of them from TJ White's TJ Records, as E.21st Productions released (mainly in the first half of 2007) 9 one riddim albums, the "Sidewalk Duck", a two riddim album with Jammy 'Jam 2' James' version of his father's 1988 'Duck'-riddim and the tunes that did not appear on the VP Records Riddim Driven release of the joint effort with Colin 'Demarco' Edwards 'Sidewalk University', Lloyd 'John John' James Jr.'s 'Battle Field', Ashely Beharie & Trevor ''Baby G' James Jr.'s 'Cashly', 'John John', 'Jam 2' & Paul 'Wrongmove' Crossdale's 'MI:6', '18 Geez' by Ward 21's Mark 'Mean Dog' Henry & Andre 'Suku' Gray, Ward 21's 'Rae Riddim' and 'Bill Back' and last not but least 'Show Off' by Linton 'T.J.' White, the first riddim built together with Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis & Daseca's Craig 'Serani' Marsh and the second together with Ward 21's 'Suku' & Richard 'Shams' Browne, relicking Dave Kelly's classic 1997 'Showtime'-riddim.

Whether it'd be necessary to relick a riddim like 'Showtime' is questionable, unless you do it like Linton 'T.J.' White does it here, aided by the very strong performances from the artists voicing it, all pumping out big tunes. Tifa, the upcoming singing sensation born Latifa Brown, kicks it off with the funny "Kitty Police", followed by Shane O with one of his strongest tunes recently "Wife & Mate" and Richie Feelings & NYC's Hellrazor Movement's MC Beniton the Menace delivering the very strong combination "Model Pon Dem". Tony Matterhorn teams up with Mr. Easy for the slack yet extremely catchy "The Wickedest Ride" followed by another string of very impressive tunes, Mr. Vegas' "Gal Scene", "Cut Eye" by Mr. Lexx, Future Fambo a.k.a. Future Troubles' "Cry Me A River" and THE tune of this selection, as Mavado is delivering "Last Night" about his gun-toting in an extremely convincing way.

Vybz Kartel" is in very fine form on "From A War" and so are Elephant Man on "Garrison Anthem" and Turbulence with the magnificent "Badman A Talk". Sizzla delivers despite overshouting at times the very strong "We Nuh Pet Dem" before with "Bullet Proof Vest" Beenie Man once more contributes to his feud with the Warlord and the whole D'Angel situation leading to its renewal and Bounty Killer kicks back with the even stronger counteraction "Bullet Proof Skin". Kiprich, inexplicably much less voiced than he was one, two years ago, hasn't lot his touch as "Talk Bout Gun" proves, before "Oxtail, Rice & Peas" is Bounty's second (and once more extremely strong) take on this riddim, that is a true joy to spin. Recommended is spinning it back to back with the Dave Kelly 'Showtime' tunes, as this is probably the one modern dancehall riddim that never tires even if you hear 50 (big) tunes across it without taking a pause. Buju's protégé New Kidz once more shows his great skills with "Regulate" before Big Yard/Birchill protégé Christopher contributes the last vocal tune of this superb one riddim set "Talk Up" and then the clean "Show Off Version" of this alltime-classic 'Showtime' dancehall riddim ends it. Must buy one riddim album for all dancehall enthusiasts.