Rhythm Streetz Series #11 ~ Silver Screen & Artillery
Don Corleon - In The Streetz
October 9, 2007

Track list
  1. Yu A Wife - Vybz Kartel
  2. One Life - Sean Paul
  3. No Fraid A - Munga
  4. Every Machine - Busy Signal
  5. Do Mek Mi Hold Yu - Assassin
    'Silver Screen'-riddim
  6. Love Me Right - Alaine
  7. Short A Breath - Bling Dawg
  8. Sunny & Breezy - Hi-Tec
  9. Stress Free - Vybz Kartel
  10. Sissy - Assassin
  11. No Man - T.O.K.
  12. Conscience - Baby Cham
  13. Na Hear - Munga
  14. Let It Go - Capleton
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Total votes : 9
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Recorded and mixed by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett for his own Don Corleon Records and with riddims built by himself, this is the third release of hardcore dancehall riddims for Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz "Rhythm Streetz Series" - following the release in 2006 of "#9 ~ High Altitude & Foundation" and "#10 ~ Back Ache & Raging Bull" that wer following in this series the most successful 2004 one drop riddim "#1 ~ Drop Leaf" produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, selector Fire Links' completely crazy yet infectious riddim, "#2 ~ Chaka Chaka", DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim "#4 ~ Real Life", Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich a.k.a. Black & White of Downsound Records "#3 ~ Invasion & Maroon Riddim" and the inexplicably again "#3" numbered album "No Man's An Island", produced by the in the late 70s rather popular DJ now turned producer Neville 'Jah Woosh' Beckford for his Original Music label, the penultimate before this one so far Don Corleon's second very successfull one-drop riddim "#5 ~ Seasons" and as #6 finally an In The Streetz production, Byron Murray's first attempt at a one drop riddim "#6 ~ Street Swing" and Wayne 'Purple Skunk' Morris' (Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett built and recorded) very successful first one drop riddims "#7 ~ Istanbul / Tropical" and Don Corleon's third successful one drop riddim "#8 ~ Heavenly".

And Don Corleon hits it again, once more with two hardcore dancehallriddims back to back for this 11th volume in the Rhythm Streetz Series "Silver Screen & Artillery", with the 'Military'-like latter being the backing for the first 5 tunes on this set, the first of which is voiced by Vybz Kartel, who - as is often the case - praises (the more intimate parts of) women with great slack lyrics in "Yu A Wife", followed by Sean Paul, who proves with "One Life" he is, in no way hampered by his mainstream success, still a force to be reckoned within the hardcore dancehallscene as his track is actually the standout tune and the 'Gangsta Ras' Munga Honorebel delivers (though heavily auto-tuned as we've become used to) one of his best tunes of 2007 "No Fraid A". All (unfortunately only) five tunes on this 'Artillery'-riddim are of exceptional strength, Busy Signal's violent "Every Machine" and Assassin's very impressive warning "Do Mek Mi Hold Yu" close this very strong first segment of this two-riddim album.

Donovan 'The Hitmaker' Bennett's protégé Alaine contributes the wonderful first tune "Love Me Right" over the second riddim 'Silver Screen', a strings and (Euro-disco) synths driven very danceable (85 BPM) riddim, followed by Bling Dawg very entertaining "Short A Breath" (including the female groaning) and newcomer Hi-Tec with his satisfying "Sunny & Breezy". Both Vybz Kartel with his (of course) very slack but extremely entertaining "Stress Free" and Assassin with his dem a "Sissy", the brilliant diss of all boys & men dressing and acting like girls & women with its catchy punchline deliver top notch tunes.

T.O.K. make very explicit that they are only interested in girls, constantly repeating in their chorus they don't mingle wid and nuh mix up wid "No Man" before Cham delivers the absolute killertune over this riddim (speaking out against crime and violence and a government not acting against that) "Conscience" a.k.a. wah coulda "Possess" a man? and Gangsta Ras Munga speaks out against oral (and worse ...) sex and sissy behaviour very convincingly in "Na Hear", before Capleton, who contributes with "Let It Go" not only the last tune of this set, but also a very fine. I would have liked to see a couple more tunes across 'Artillery' as I think it's the stronger of the two (very strong) riddims and I would have loved to see the clear versions of both riddims having been included, but apart from that there's nothing that should stop you from buying this excellent two-riddim hardcore dancehall album produced by one of the master producers of the moment.