Simmer Down ~ Reggae Paradise
CV Connection JA
April 24, 2005

Track list
  1. My Lady's Gone - Morgan Heritage
  2. Can't Let You Go - Lukie D
  3. Need Jah Love - Luciano
  4. In Dem Face (Hand Me) - Richie Spice
  5. Keep Your Head Up - Half Pint
  6. Tired Of The Suffering - Anthony B
  7. Be My Queen - Turbulence
  8. Come Back To Me - Anthony Cruz
  9. Are You Really Sure - Dawna Lee
  10. I Cry - Brando
  11. Friends - Christopher
  12. Jah My Only Friend - Red Rose
  13. Everlasting Love - Tony Curtis
  14. Perfect Guy - Martina feat. Tafari
  15. My Boo - Damager feat. Robin
  16. Give Me Your Love - Junior Reid
  17. Patient Love - Abuzah Nimah
  18. The Joy - Bunny Rebel
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Stevie Classics of High Wycombe based Classic Vibes Ltd. produced this Mafia & Fluxy built classical one drop riddim 'Reggae Paradise' with its magnificent bassline, released now as "Simmer Down ~ Reggae Paradise" on Classic Vibes' Jamaican branch CV Connection JA and featuring some real scorchers. Morgan Heritage deliver the excellent heartfelt "My Lady's Gone" before crooner Lukie D in the same mood gives us "Can't Let You Go". Luciano is (as almost always) on the conscious tip in his very fine "Need Jah Love", as is Richie Spice in his anti-corruption "In Dem Face (Hand Me)". Veteran Half Pint returns to the frontline sounding fresh with his upful "Keep Your Head Up". Anthony B laments convincingly about being "Tired Of The Suffering" before Turbulence contributes the advice to his lady If You Wanna "Be My Queen". Anthony Cruz once again proves that he is very underrated as a lovers singer on the superb "Come Back To Me" before we're treated to the great female vocals of Dawna Lee on "Are You Really Sure", she also sang "Can I Get A Witness" on Austrian downtempo wizards Sofa Surfers' 2002 "Encounters" album, after entering the British reggae scene in 1994/'95 obtaining the Best British Newcomer award at the Annual British Reggae Awards, great to hear her back again. Brando's "I Cry" is the best of his three efforts I heard so far, the others on Joe Frazier's 'Bongo Nyah' and recently Rick's Records 'Save The World', before Christopher continues his crawl back to recognition with the thoughtful let's talk about "Friends". Anthony 'Red Rose' Cameron's "Jah My Only Friend" is a great revenge for his rather mediocre, though lyrically OK, "Living My Life" on the more dancehall orienter 'Bubble Up'-riddim. Showcasing how much great singers come from that small island Jamaica another great voice is featured, Tony Curtis with his "Everlasting Love" a hopeful tune as much about everlasting peace as about love. Martina, who normally is featured only on hardcore dancehall riddims like 'Scoobay', 'Bomb A Drop' and 'Jonkanoo' is delivering the very fine combination "Perfect Guy" with Tafari, a tune that is in fact a straight take on Johnny Osbourne & The Sensations' 1969 "Come Back Darling" (as later covered by UB40 on their "Labour Of Love III" set) released by Winston Riley on his Techniques label, with Tafari's DJing more US-rap than dancehall tinged. Co-producer 'Damager' Williams's rockstone voice is countered by Robin's sweet female vocals in the very entertaining one two you are "My Boo" what you gonna do cause i still love you. After his strong appearance on the 'Save The World'-riddim we're once again surprised with Junior Reid contributing the smooth lovers tune "Give Me Your Love". St. Vincent based Abuza Nimah convinces with "Patient Love" before Bunny Rebel closes this fine set of very entertaining tunes on a great classic one drop riddim with the anti-Babylon DJ tune "The Joy". Only one minus: there's no version of this 'Reggae Paradise'-riddim included.