Various artists album review
Ska After Ska After Ska
19 - 04 - 1998

Tracking list

  1. Don Drummond and The Skatalites - Thoroughfare
  2. Lyn Taitt and The Baba Brooks Band - Magnificent Ska
  3. The Silvertones - It's real
  4. Eric 'Monty' Morris - Strongman Sampson
  5. Treasure Isle All Stars - Alley cat ska
  6. The Techniques - When you are wrong
  7. Justin Hinds and The Dominoes - Carry go, bring come
  8. Don Drummond and The Skatalites - Street corner
  9. The Silvertones - True confession
  10. Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd - When I call your name
  11. Frank Anderson and The Skatalites - Musical storeroom
  12. Owen and Leon Silvera with The Skatalites - Words
  13. Duke Reid - Dukle Reid speaks (studio chatter)
  14. Duke Reid and his Group - Burial
  15. Derrick Morgan and The Baba Brooks Band - Guns fever
  16. Lloyd and Glen - Oh little girl (take 2)
  17. Eric 'Monty' Morris - Get your feet moving
  18. Funny Man and The Boys - Only suffering
  19. Lyn Taitt and His Comets - Storm warning
  20. Stranger Cole - Rough and tough
  21. The Baba Brooks Band - Nuclear weapon
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

Arthur S. 'Duke,' or 'The Trojan' Reid, proprietor of the Duke Reid, Duchess and Treasure Isle labels, is the producer of the ska classics found on this latest HeartBeat release. Duke Reid seriously took up record production in 1962, scoring ska hits galore with the likes of Stranger Cole, The Techniques, Justin Hinds, Eric 'Monty' Morris, The Skatalites and Don Drummond. Throughout the sixties the hits poured out of Reid's Treasure Isle studio, situated above his Orange Street liquor store.
On this release HeartBeat presents a mixed collection of ska hits, scorchers and some unreleased tracks. The Techniques (lead vocals Slim Smith) are present with one of their earliest releases, the popular 'When you are wrong', Don Drummond contributes two classic tracks recorded with the Skatalites, and he also reels off a mesmerizing solo on the immortal 'Carry go bring come' which was the biggest hit by Reid's most prolific hitmakers, Justin Hinds and The Dominoes. Trumpeter Babba Brooks best known track, 'Guns Fever' is accompanied by the vibrant 'Nuclear Weapon'. The Silvertones deliver two smashes, 'True Confession' and 'It's Real', and Stranger Cole's first hits for Reid are here too. Both tracks are decorated by the alto sax stylings of Lester Sterling.
'Ska after aka after ska' is a reissue of a classic piece of ska nostalgia, featuring some of Duke Reid's finest releases from the early sixties. It's an infectious cd that will not fail to capture the heart of every reggae fan.

Teacher & Mr. T.