Various artists album review
CD / 2LP
07 - 09 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Capleton - Got It Fi Dem
  2. Bounty Killer - Crossroad
  3. Spragga Benz - Rasta Run The World
  4. Various - Artists For Peace
  5. Sizzla - Cherish The Love
  6. Lexxus - Face It
  7. Elephant Man - War
  8. Harry Toddler - Endorsing The Weed
  9. Mega - Wuk Gal
  10. Ward 21 - Point Of Conflict
  11. Mr. Vegas - Tall Up Tall Up
  12. Alozade - Blaze Up Fuck
  13. Determine - Jamaican Child
  14. Chuck Fender - Dong
  15. Unicorn - Trample
  16. General B - Whine Like These
  17. Delegate - Skladie
  18. Sajay - Red Hot
  19. Weekend - Face & Body
  20. Briggy - Tell Dem
  21. Maestro - Shorty
  22. Capleton & Granty Roots - Got It Fi Dem
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Sledge" - or "Slage" as it is mis-named on the 45s - is currently setting fire to dancehalls everywhere on dubplate and limited pre-release 7" singles. This hotshot riddim, produced by dynamic newcomer Donovan "Tugz" McMurray for Hands & Heart Records, is a good rival to the extremely popular "Diwali". However, expect no "handclapping" as utilized to full effect for the latter. Instead we're are treated to a pounding, insistent backdrop sweetened by some great string samples. This hard hitting set - already #29 in "Greensleeves Rhythm Album" series - features the usual roster of artists and thus brings us tunes from some of Jamaica's finest and most popular bashment acts; Capleton, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Lexxus, Spragga Benz, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler, Ward 21 and Mr. Vegas. These namebrand artists deliver their deadly goods alongside unknowns such as Unicorn, Delegate, Sajay and Weekend. Although this album is labelled "Parental Guidance Explicit Content", it contains nuff message tunes with the exclusive anthem for these troubled times, "Artists For Peace", being a very impressive effort. Other great tracks are Capleton's "Got It Fi Dem", Bounty Killer's "Crossroad", Spragga Benz's hype tune "Rasta Run the World", Lexxus' "Face It", Elephant Man's "War", Ward 21's "Point Of Conflict" and the combination tune "Got It Fi Dem" by Capleton & Granty Roots. Checking the efforts from the unknowns, it's Sajay's awesome "Red Hot" that makes a serious impression. Note that this set includes exclusive cuts from Capleton, Sizzla, Harry Toddler, Mr Vegas, Ward 21 and an irreverent cut from the king of controversy, Alozade. All of them will not be available on 45s.

Teacher & Mr. T.