Riddim Driven ~ Sleepy Dog
VP Records
June 5, 2005

Track list
  1. As A Man - Assassin
  2. Ride This - Buju Banton
  3. Mix Up - Kiprich
  4. Mixing Board - Famous Face
  5. More Gal - T.O.K.
  6. Landlord - Jahmel
  7. Last Week - Mr. Vegas
  8. Girls Anthem - Elephant Man
  9. Pocket Money - Mr. G
  10. School - Spragga Benz
  11. Get Up And Run - Bling Dawg
  12. Bad Luck - Big Todler
    CD Bonus Tracks
  13. Nice & Sweet - Elephant Man
  14. Sleepy Dog - Steely & Clevie
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Legendary production team Steely & Clevie have blessed many a session and created many a hit riddim ('Street Sweeper', 'Nine Night', 'Bitter Blood') throughout their long and fruitful careers. Now they are back with 'Sleepy Dog', a 'retro'-riddim, slowing the tempo totally in contrast to the current trend of extremely fast paced riddims in JA. This 'Sleepy Dog' with its classic dancehall vibe is the next featured in VP Records' Riddim Driven Series, and although it only features 12 tunes, with an alternate version of the Elephant Man tune and the riddim version (done in typical Steely & Clevie style with synths added for extra accents) as bonus tracks on the CD, it is one of those 100% All Killer No Filler albums one longs for. With Assassin's hit tune "As A Man" opening it with its self-boasting sexual stamina lyrics and its clear wuk dem, then inna nine month har belly bang / we love di woman dem so man to man get a bang, followed by Buju Banton's (zum zum!) gal haffi "Ride This" like motorbike continuing the theme. Kiprich once again contributes one of the funniest songs on a riddim with his "Mix Up" before a rocking guitar is mixed in for Famous Face's "Mixing Board" which is more about what happens in his bedroom than in the studio. T.O.K.'s "More Gal" has a delivery that brings back into memory their early hit "Eagle's Cry" before Jahmel delivers the reality tune "Landlord" and Mr. Vegas contributes the very entertaining "Last Week" as this riddim seems to be made for his voice and flow in this tune about an unfaithful girl. Elephant Man is up next with his slack deep and wide, deep and wide / gal mek noise, from, yuh uku dont deep and wide, deep and wide / from yuh nuh wide and deep, wide and deep / gal mek noise, from, yuh uku dont wide and deep (dont wide and deep) female backing vocals in his very nice "Girls Anthem" that is followed by the former Goofy: Mr. G with his "Pocket Money" about the costs incurring having a girl who wants a bimma and a name brand. Spragga Benz bigs up the girls and the old "School" in real old school fashion before Bling Dawg's "Get Up And Run" after bigging up Steely & Clevie's Studio 2000 in the intro sends out a warning that he's still not ready to go steady and Big Toddler's hilarious "Bad Luck". Elephant Man's "Nice And Sweet" is the radio-friendly version of his "Girl's Anthem" and the last vocal tune on the album before Steely & Clevie's "Sleepy Dog Riddim" closes a brilliant set of old school inspired tunes on a riddim with a classic dancehall vibe.