July 12, 2005

Track list
  1. Ready Fi Dead - Vybz Kartel
  2. Privately - Beenie Man
  3. Fresh - Sean Paul & Loogaman
  4. Everytime - Tami Chin
  5. Title - Kid Kurrupt
  6. Set The Thing - Lexxus
  7. Big Woman - Buccaneer
  8. Nah Tell Nobody - Vybz Kartel
  9. The One - T.O.K.
  10. Eternal Love - Fantan Mojah
  11. Tell - CÚCile
  12. Want War - Movado
  13. Anywhere - Mossy Kid
  14. Domestic Violence - Macka Diamond
  15. Real Life Dreams - Cezar
  16. Dem Wah War - Desperado
  17. Haunted - Frisco Kid
  18. Slingshot Rhythm - Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis, Cezar R. Cunningham & Sacha Lazor
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis, who helped building Michael 'Alozade' Sterling, together with riddim builders 'Computer' Paul Henton, Ernesto 'DJ X' Mitchell, Carlton Hugh 'Renegade X' Williams and Craig 'Daseca' Marsh, his 'Chrome'-riddim, and enjoyed the very successful cooperations on the 'Black Out'- riddim that ruled the dancehalls, and in fact still rules, especially when Vybz Kartel's "Picture This" is played, with Andrew 'Buccaneer' Bradford for their respective labels Blaxxx Records and Opera House once again merged as Black House Records for 'Middle East', all following his very popular 'Egyptian'- riddim, now returns for his own Blaxxx Records with 'Slingshot'. This up-tempo riddim with its stabbing keyboards might take a little time to grow on you, but once it creeps up on you, you're lost. Vybz Kartel fully justifies his War Angel moniker once again, challenging everybody except the Warlord Bounty Killer, to whom he pays tribute in "Ready Fi Dead" with his dats why bounty killer say a mi an him fi par / him a five star general mi a three star. Beenie Man is also completely on top of the riddim in his anti-haters tune "Privately" and so are Sean Paul & Looga Man in their gals-combination "Fresh". Tami Chin, who owns one of the sexiest female voices around these days, on an acoustic guitar embellished version of the riddim, delivers the beautiful "Everytime" i try not to fall in love, followed by another member of Sean Paul's Dutty Cup crew, Kid Kurrupt, whose "Title" is as entertaining as his recent "Fling Up Di Pussy" on the Ballaz' 'Grimey'. Lexxus' "Set The Thing" and Buccaneer's (piano-scale interpuncted) "Big Woman" are two very fine tunes followed by Vybz Kartel's slack and once again huge and entertaining gimme the p#ssy / me "Nah Tell Nobody" and T.O.K.'s "The One" where the guitar pops in again and gives a balladish feel to this lovers tune. One of the biggest surprises is the excellent Fantan Mojah song "Eternal Love", with this emerging superstar making the crossover to hardcore dancehall riddims from the roots camp like his predecessor Sizzla did, and in my opinion in a convincing way, which I'm not always thinking of Sizzla's efforts. CÚCile sings the great tell her / go home and tell her / you'd better "Tell" her, or baby I will before Movado - who debuted on the Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis and Andrew 'Buccaneer' Bradford produced 'Middle East' with "Bawl" vocoders and deejays through his "War" where the guitar keeps his place in front in the mix. Mossy Kid, who was a member of the Dutty Cup crew in the late 90s, delivers the self-boasting "Anywhere" in a style immediately revealing that past. Macka Diamond touches a serious problem in her "Domestic Violence" in fine style, before the featured guitarist on at least half of the tunes on this riddim Cezar Cunningham, who convinced with his beautiful singing "Hello World" on Gibbo's 'Hard Times', once again shows he is a very talented singer on "Real Life Dreams". Desperado, who despite a couple of fine tunes on mainly Richard 'Shams' Browne and Frenchie riddims in 4 years never realy got his big break, delivers the solid but unspectacular "Dem Wah War". Frisco Kid's "Haunted" is more melodic voiced than we are used to from him, but not less entertaining, and this intriguing "Slingshot Rhyhtm" itself is finishing this set of tunes on a riddim that is predestined to move the crowds.