Various artists album review
Songs Of Melody
Various / Silly Walks
Silly Walks Movement-Sony
07 - 10 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Natural Black - The System
  2. Luton Fyah - Iniquity Worker Congregation
  3. Tanya Stephens - Forever
  4. Taffari - Sleep & Slumber
  5. Turbulence - Plastic Smile
  6. Buccaneer - Rude Boy Town
  7. Caramellow & Criminal - Que Sera
  8. Ce'Cile - Dis Ya Gal
  9. Max - Nur Du
  10. Gentleman - Purge It Out
  11. Ginja - Songs Of Melody
  12. Pam Hall - Party Time Tonight
  13. Jan Delay - Soundhaudegen
  14. Martin Jondo - Wunderlampe
  15. Jah Mason - Delay Me
  16. Patrice - Mindslaves
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

The oldest German soundsystem still playing out has released an album with tunes in the style that brought them to the top: Nu Classic Reggae with Roots & Culture lyrics. Since July 1991 Hamburg's selecter Oliver Schrader and sound-engineer David Meyer run Silly Walks Movement. Their star rose from 1994 alongside the star of their MC at that time Gentleman, who stayed with them until he was caught up in the work he had to put in his debutalbum "Trodin On". He was replaced by Lobstarr the young MC from München, with whom Silly Walks remained one of the best German sounds. After finally releasing some 7" on their own instated Silly Walks label over the "Forever" riddim, they managed to put out this album "Songs Of Melody" also featuring some tracks on the "Forever" riddim as well as well as tracks on follow-up "Que Sera" riddim. Natural Black kicks off with a track "The System" that could have been a Sizzla track, which of course is meant as a compliment. Luton Fyah singjays his "Iniquity Worker" in a very convincing style, before Tanya Stephens provides on of the best songs of this album with her "Forever", the riddim is nice, and her voicing is, as we've gotten used to by Tanya impeccable. Taffari shows with his "Sleep & Slumber" why he is considered to be one of the more promising roots & culture singers having come forward over these last few years, just like Turbulence has done with string of releases the last few months, here he delivers the strong "Plastic Smile". Buccaneer rides a latin-tinged riddim for "Rude Boy Town", before Caramellow & Criminal deliver their "Que Sera" in Spanish, over the riddim of the same name, that probably would now be called a typical Gentleman riddim. Ce'Cile gives a solid performance with "Dis Ya Gal", and then one of the best tracks of this album is delivered in German by Max "Nur Du" about 'only you take me as I am. Silly Walks Movement former MC Gentleman doesn't disappoint his former employer with the strong "Purge It Out", and then Ginja delivers a tribute to the music and "Songs Of Melody" on the titletrack, over the "Forever" riddim. One of the best female voices in the reggae world Pam Hall delivers a slow-paced party tune on the mediocre , the weakest track on this set, but it is compensated for by the wicked "Soundhaudegen" by hiphopper in his reggae singer role Jan Delay (whose great reggae album "Searching For The Jan Soul Rebels" has been reviewed on these site as well). Another track in German is delivered with "Wunderlampe" by Martin Jondo, who has gained nationwide recognition in Germany as the sidekick on Gentleman's current single "Rainy Days". Jah Mason's "Delay Me" is another singjay-Sizzla-soundalike track, before Patrice closes the album with "Mind Slaves", a different version of the song "Jah Jah Deh Deh" appearing on his second album "How Do You Call It?". Silly Walks Movement proves with "Songs Of Melody" why they are the number 1 roots & culture in Germany, and give a perfect showcase of the songs and styles they run tings with. To check their other releases and dates visit www.sillywalks.de.


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