Soul Deep Riddim
Nice Up Records
Digital Release
November 24, 2013

Track list
  1. Collin Wyatt - My Time
  2. Shenko Nashinal - Chasing The Paper
  3. Chantty Natural - U Beautiful
  4. Keen - Let Me Inna Yuh Heart
  5. Vizion - Call My Name
  6. Frazz Kidd & Terex - Bad Inna Di Bed
  7. GQ - You're The One
  8. Chevan - No Worry
  9. Dr Shaka - Holiday
  10. Zec Da Boss - Jailer
  11. Silvaduss - You Told Me
  12. Martin-LV - Love All Bout
  13. Benjaminz - Should Have Been Me
  14. Waawinina - Do Di Right Tings
  15. Benjahmin - Better Than You
  16. Iyce Evastrap - Know Hungry
  17. Jah Rain - Jah Lead The Way
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4
The "Soul Deep" riddim is the very first project from the Nice Up Productions outta Leeds UK, and it is a fine way to make an entrance. As a teenager label owner and producer Tommy Riddim spent a lot of time in Gambia, Africa, where his mother was living and got the ear for the music. In 2012 he started producing with an obsession for reggae and dancehall music. Through posting his riddims online he began building up some interest from artists all over the world, which in the end led to the release of this juggling set.

The "Soul Deep" riddim was created in November 2012, when Tommy Riddim was in a bit of a dark place and thus it reflects on the emotions he was feeling at the time. The mood of the riddim, which incorporates piano sounds and a computerized clapping drum sound in a prominent way, also comes to expression in the various vocal cuts which deal with subjects such as struggle, love, and getting through hard times. You won't find any of the big names in reggae and dancehall music here, but you will find a very solid and colourful variety of names which may not appeal to more casual fans, but will definitely do so for more passionate listeners. Jamaican artists Chevan, Keen, Jah Rain, Martin-LV, Shenko Nashinal, and Iyce Evastrap are accompanied by ViZion, GQ, and Benjaminz from Barbados; Collin Wyatt from St. Kitts; Silvaduss and Frazz Kidd & Terex from the USA; Dr Shaka, Benjahmin, and Zec Da Boss from Gambia; Chantty Natural from Botswana; and Waawinina from New Caladonia. And although not every tracks is a winner -- could that be expected?! -- there are enough solid efforts worth hearing. Definitely making a very good impression are Collin Wyatt's album opener "My Time", Shenko Nashinal's "Chasing The Paper", Chevan's "No Worry", Martin-LV's "Love All Bout", and Jah Rain's "Jah Lead The Way".

Tommy Riddim makes a much promising start with his first riddim project, which in a few months will be followed by the "Soul 2 Deep" riddim compilation (with only slight changes to the riddim).