Stay Humble Album Vol. 1 - Soul Roots Riddim
Big Link Productions
Digital Release
June 23, 2015

Track list
  1. Capleton - Time Will Tell
  2. I-Wayne - Stay Humble
  3. Lutan Fyah - Africa
  4. Nesbeth - Rise Pass Them
  5. Daweh Congo - Free Ganga
  6. I-Semaj - Fire Red
  7. Floyd West - The Run
  8. Ikushini - War
  9. Soul Roots Riddim [Instrumental]
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Total votes : 1
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
From the young production house Big Link Productions comes a nice set of tunes called "Stay Humble Album Vol.1 - Soul Roots Riddim". The riddim is an authentic acoustic ballad, with a strong roots vibe. The artist roster represents a mix of settled and up-and-coming artists. The mighty Capleton truly shines on his tune "Time Will Tell", arguably one of the best from him since years! One of reggae's roots soldiers, I-Wayne, delivers an impressive tune called "Stay Humble". Lutan Fyah, mostly an artist who performs with full energy & action, shows his humble and conscious side here with his tune "Africa".

This year Daweh Congo celebrates 25 years in music, and his tune "Free Ganga" shows that he's still one of the leading roots artists. Up and coming artist Floyd West (aka The Pied Piper) hails from Portmore and his contribution here -"The Run"- is above par. Excellent effort! Ikushini aka Gemien Sinclair performs "War", a raw anti-war song, one of the best tunes here, although we had to spin it several times before it grabbed us! Nesbeth, who will be performing on the Reggae Geel featival this year, made his breakthrough in 2014 with the grass root hit "Ole Ganga Lee" and the uplifting "Taste Victory". Here he makes a decent impression with "Rise Pass Them".

Solid roots set!