Space Age Riddim
Music4Life Records
CD / Digital Release
May 21, 2014

Track list
  1. Jay Williams - Can I Love You Forever?
  2. Kelley Glover - Let It Go
  3. Austin Kimble - Checkers Champion
  4. Jeremy Pena - A Fire Inside
  5. Ed Robinson - Don't Cry For Me
  6. Micah Shalom - Herb Albert
  7. Dennis 'Judge' Browne - Love Di Gal Dem
  8. Uncle Winky - Fluffy Lover
  9. Claude 9 - Message From Mars
  10. Island Rose feat. Rasta Dawn - Love Can't Done
  11. Ry Harper - Right Now
  12. Mark Wilson - She's Back
  13. Space Age Riddim (Steven Stanley Dub Version)
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
From Music4Life Records comes a brand new 'one drop' juggling project entitled "Space Age Riddim". The latter ia an awesome fresh original riddim with a truly superb drum & bass sound, expertly mixed by Dr. Dubbist outta San Marco, Texas. Here you won't find the usual suspects from Jamaica, but instead mostly homegrown talent from the Austin area in Texas. However this doesn't imply it isn't worthwhile to check this compilation, because it certainly is. In fact it's recommended to give it a listen because this is a thrilling collection of tunes.

Although this is a juggling project, not every track is mixed in the same way which is a good thing as it brings in some variation and thus insures that boredom doesn't set in. Besides that this set not only features vocal cuts, but it also includes instrumentals and a dub version. The former are the real nice "Checkers Champion" by jazz pianist and keyboardist Austin Kimble, the great sounding "Herb Albert" by trumpeter Micah Shalom, Claude 9's wicked and wild "Message From Mars", and saxophonist Mark Wilson's wonderful "She's Back". Jamaican engineer, producer and keyboardist Steven Stanley is responsible for the dub version of the "Spage Age Riddim", which is a nice effort, but in the end fails to make a serious impression.

When it comes to the vocal cuts it's veteran singer Jay Williams who instantly draws intention. The singer with the deep soulful voice caresses the eardrums with a lovers piece called "Can I Love You", which turns out to be one of the standouts here. Matters of the heart is also the theme of Kelly Glover's decent "Let It Go", while Jeremy Pena's "A Fire Inside", a solid uplifting song, is full of consciousness. Back to lovers with Jamaican singer/producer Ed Robinson, whose "Don't Cry For Me" is an outstanding effort. Dennis "Judge" Browne's "Love Di Gal Dem" is a mediocre tune that fails to ignite any significant sparks, and thus it's quite easy for Uncle Winky to outmatch Dennis "Judge" Browne's cut with the entertaining "Fluffy Lover". The collaboration between Island Rose and Rasta Dawn works very well on "Love Can't Done", while Ry Harper comes up with the decent "Right Now".

As said, a worthwile juggling project that shouldn't be overlooked.