Various artists album review
Spanish Fly
September 21, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Dem Dead - Bounty Killer
  2. Caribbean Gangsta - Elephant Man
  3. Banana - DaVille
  4. Boopsy - Macka Diamond
  5. Caan Tek Yuh Man - Vybz Kartel
  6. Senorita - Kiprich
  7. Thug Life - Alozade & Chico
  8. Bring It Come - Degree
  9. Playa - Bling Dawg & Voicemail
  10. Famous People - Kid Kurrupt
  11. Guh Hide - Taz
  12. Get High - Terro 3000
  13. Wine & Dine - CÚCile
  14. Walk Out - Voicemail
  15. Give Me A Chance - Nicky B
  16. Trendsetta - Delly Ranks
  17. A Suh Dem Seh - Jagwa
  18. Presents The Ballaz - DYD
  19. Spanish Fly Rhythm - The Ballaz
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

"Greensleeves Rhythm Album #60 ~ Spanish Fly" is produced by newcomers Damian "Balla" Hall & Nigel "Balla" Whitfield a.k.a. The Ballaz for Dem Yute Deh Music, and they really put their names on the dancehall map with this riddim. Not to be confused with the riddim of the same name that was under Anthony B's "Buss Dancehall", Bounty's "Healing", Vybz Kartel's "Roll Deep" and Sizzla's "Whe Dem Want" released a year ago by Big League, this is a latin flavored riddim, with a trumpet riff that rivals the one used in the 'Sexy Lady'-riddim for sheer crossover-appeal, this is a BIG riddim. The album opens with Bounty Killer's excellent delivered warning to girls "Dem Dead" / when mi hole a hot gal inna mi bed / dem dead / dem seh mi a go run it red, followed by Elephant Man riding yet another famous melody, this time Barry Manilow's 1978 classic "Copacabana (At The Copa)" for his "Caribbean Gangsta". DaVille remains one of my favorites when it comes to singing over current dancehall riddims, and where the former A.R.P. singer normally sticks to 'just' gals, ganja & party tunes, he's here, like in his "Sooner Or Later" on the 'Blackout'-riddim, a bit more direct slack advertizing his "Banana". One of the biggest tunes on this riddim is Macka Diamond's "Boopsy" a wicked straight answer-version to Vybz Kartel's extremely popular "Picture This" on the 'Blackout'. Vybz Kartel himself delivers the very fine "Caan Tek Yuh Man" before Kiprich chips in with lyrics matching the vibe of the riddim perfectly with "Senorita". "Thug Life" is a very enjoyable combination by Alozade and Chico and "Bring It Come" is yet another example of the greatness of Degree. "Playa" let me know if I'm wasting my time is another fine example of good pairing of voices with Bling Dawg DJing alongside Voicemail's sweet singing. Dutty Cup Crew member Kid Kurrupt with "Famous People" adds another tune to his oeuvre that keeps growing while Greensleeves sits on his album that has reached an 'eternal' forthcoming status. Taz is following up his satisfying debut on the 'Blue Steel'-riddim with "Guh Hide" before Terro 3000 debuts with the ganja tune "Get High". CÚCile has recently been on top of each riddim she voiced, and her men have to "Wine & Dine" me is again showing she is one of the females able to contribute something extra to every riddim. Voicemail's solo take on this riddim "Walk Out" proves he is one of the guys I want to hear on every riddim released these days, just like Nicky B, who shines with "Give Me A Chance". Delly Ranks, the veteran who recently got back en vogue, after his aborted effort to raise to fame in 2000 as Delly, pays tribute to the hot woman he wants being a "Trendsetta". Jagwa continues his attempt to regain some lost territory and "A Suh Dem Seh" is another step in the right direction. DYD "Presents The Ballaz" is an excellent mini-megamix, before The Ballaz unleash the clean version of the "Spanish Fly Rhythm" to close an album with only 1 minus: Tanya Stephens excellent "How Long" is absent, probably once again a tune VP Records is holding back, for either their forthcoming Tanya or "Strictly The Best" album. Still this album propels The Ballaz to being very promising challengers of the Vendetta's and Kings Of Kings who rule the dancehalls.