Studio One Kings
Soul Jazz Records-Munich
July 5, 2007

Track list
  1. Larry Marshall - I've Got To Make It
  2. Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell
  3. Alton Ellis - The Well Run Dry
  4. Johnny Osbourne - Water More Than Flour (Extended Version)
  5. Anthony Rocky Ellis - I'm The Ruler
  6. Cornel Campbell - Pretty Looks Isn't All
  7. Alexander Henry - Please Be True
  8. Burning Spear - Them A Come
  9. Joe Higgs - Change Of Plan
  10. Devon Russell - Roots Natty
  11. Ken Boothe - Be Yourself
  12. Freddie Mcgregor - I Shall Be Released (Extended Version)
  13. Freddie Mckay - Father Will Cut You Off
  14. The Ethiopian - Locust
  15. George Philip - One One
  16. John Holt - I Don't Want To See You Cry
  17. Delroy Wilson - Won't You Come Home (Extended Version)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
Soul Jazz Records continue to release worthwhile samplers in their much anticipated Studio One series, and this time they have compiled a "Studio One Kings" collection spanning the breadth of the foundation studio's catalogue: Ska, Roots, Rocksteady, Lovers and more from the sixties and seventies. Studio One's list of singers launched at the famous label reads like a roll call of Jamaican music, and featured here are only a few of them including those who are still doing well attended shows namely Horace Andy, Burning Spear, The Ethiopian, Freddie McGregor and John Holt. Besides that we're treated to the unforgettable vocals of singers who have passed away like Delroy Wilson, Devon Russell, Joe Higgs and Freddie McKay.

A few tracks, including Horace Andy's awesome "Every Tongue Shall Tell", Burning Spear's superb "Them A Come", Ken Boothe's "Be Yourself", and John Holt's aching lovers tune "I Don't Want To See You Cry", have been issued on cd before, while others like e.g. Cornell Campbell's version of the Heptones' "Pretty Looks Isn't All", Alexander Henry's "Please Be True", Devon Russell's great interpretation of The Gladiators' "Roots Natty aka Dreadlocks The Time Is Now" and Johnny Osbourne's "Water More Than Flour" haven't been available in digital format until now. The same goes for brilliant obscurities such as Larry Marshall's heartbreaking "I've Got To Make It", Freddie McKay's wicked "Father Will Cut You Off", and George Phillips' alternative vocal to Delroy Wilson's "One, One", which are a pleasure to hear in digital clarity.

Again a very welcome Studio One / Soul Jazz Records release, which no vintage and Studio One fan can afford to miss.