Studio One Scorcher Instrumentals Vol 2
Soul Jazz-Munich
CD / 2LP
August 30, 2006

Track list
  1. The Skatalites - Dick Tracy
  2. Soul Vendors - Frozen Soul
  3. Vin Gordon - Joe Grazer
  4. Pablove Black - Black Wax
  5. Cedric "Im" Brooks - Father Forgive Him
  6. Pablove Black - High Locks
  7. Roland Alphonso - Nimble Foot
  8. Vin Gordon - Sidewalk Doctor
  9. Sugar Belly - Cousin Joe Pt.1
  10. Jackie Mittoo - A Big Car
  11. Soul Defenders - Sound Almighty
  12. Jackie Mittoo, Bagga Walker, Pablove Black - After Christmas
  13. Brentford All Stars - Race Track
  14. Tommy Mccook - Jamaica Bolero
  15. Cedric "Im" Brooks & David - Black Is Black
  16. Dub Specialist - Gumbay Jump
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : - Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
The compilers of London-based Soul Jazz Records continue to dig up tunes -- some of them being super-rare cuts -- from the vaults of Studio One for their popular and critical acclaimed series of Studio One compilations.

"Studio One Scorcher Instrumentals Vol. 2", which complements and augments the 2002 release of "Studio One Scorcher Instrumentals", features a stellar line-up of Jamaica's finest ever musicians including Jackie Mittoo, Leroy Sibbles, Eric Frater, Bunny Williams, Ernest Ranglin, Roland Alphonso and Cedric "Im" Brooks, to name a few. They played in the legendary Skatalites, and Studio One in-house bands like Soul Vendors, Sound Dimension, Soul Defenders and Brentford Road All Stars, and sometimes also acted as a solo act.

These musicians and bands were as much a part of the classic Studio One sound as were the singers that they accompanied such as Alton Ellis, Horace Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Bob Andy, and Bob Marley & The Wailers, and literally defined Reggae music. Many of the riddims that they created became the backbone of the Jamaican musical world and their songs have been replayed and re-versioned by thousands of Reggae producers ever since.

Just about every track featured on this compilation is a stone-cold classic and thus a real joy to hear them over and over again. Besides that it's a nice pastime to do some "tune-spotting", i.e. trying to remember/find out what vocal version is done over the riddim. For example let's take keyboardist and Twelve Tribes of Israel member Pablove Black's "High Locks", which is the riddim for the Jay Tees' "Bucktown Corner" and Burning Spear's "Foggy Road" -- easy to find out because the Spear's voice can be heard in the background.

With such a strong collection of instrumentals it's almost impossible to point out the best tracks. Thus we stick to our musical choice cuts which include Cedric "Im" Brooks' wonderful "Father Forgive Him", the ska sound of Roland Alphonso's "Nimble Foot", Sugar Belly's "Cousin Joe Pt. 1", Cedric "Im" Brooks & David's "Black Is Black" and the excellent extended version of "After Christmas" by Jackie Mittoo, Bagga Walker and Pablove Black.

This album -- with new sleevenotes and photography by Dennis Morris and Adrian Boot -- is another great Studio One compilation for connoisseurs of Reggae and newcomers alike.