Statements Outta Babylon II
Pop Up Rec (edel)
June 27, 2005

Track list
  1. One Vibe One Flow Pt. 2 - Bantu
  2. Yes - Nosliw
  3. Heartis - Ill Inspecta & Bobby Buster a.k.a. Germaican Scout
  4. Selbst-Bewusst-Sein - Kimoe
  5. Dich Allein Sein - Mamba
  6. Grosshirn - Seeed
  7. A Punk A Go Die - Don Sharicon
  8. Limit Is The Sky - Mono & Nikitaman feat. General Degree
  9. Glamour Star - Mista Bomsh
  10. In Da City - Culcha Candela
  11. Wieso - Iriepathie
  12. Immer Vorwärts - Nattyflo
  13. Unconditional Love - Gentleman
  14. The Reason - The Okada Supersound feat. Ras Pyton, Zoe & Mirta
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
"Statements Outta Babylon II" is the second volume of what now seems to become a series of compilations of reggae and dancehall tunes by German artists, whether in German, English or whatever language. The only objection you can have is the lack of tunes exclusive to this compilation, but at least compiler Flabba Ranks succeeded in collecting an eclectic set of well sung/deejayed and produced tunes. Starting with Bantu delivering their "One Vibe One Flow Pt. 2" produced by Hamburg's Beatschmieda that also appeared on the Brothers Keepers album "Am I My Brothers Keeper?". Cologne's Rootdown producer Teka built the riddim for the label's most prominent artist Nosliw's "Yes" from his "Mittendrin" album. Ill Inspecta (with whom we feature an interview here) & Bobby Buster a.k.a. Germaican Scout recorded the very nice "Heartis" over the 'Burning'-riddim Sam Gilly built for Austria's Bassrunner Productions. Kimoe's "Selbst-Bewusst-Sein" from his "Ein Neuer Morgen EP" is up next over Ganjaman''s 'Too Long'-riddim, originally scheduled as a one-riddim-album, but now released as a series of 7"s that haven't been collected on album yet. Mamba contributes the very charming "Dich Allein Sehen" over a rootsy bubbling riddim before Germany's ruling dancehall outfit Seeed drop their "Grosshirn" from their soon to be followed up album "Music Monks". The Italian born living in Germany Achille Capacci a.k.a. Don Sharicon, delivers the fine "Punk A Go Die" over former electro-house producer Spiderman's nice riddim. Mono & Nikitaman contribute the booming "Limit Is The Sky" featuring General Degree from their Rootdown Records album "Das Spiel Beginnt", before Hamburg's Mistah Bomsh, who alongside Breitammic did "Berliner Bär" on "Dancehallfieber 4" rides another bouncing beAtpete produced riddim for "Glamour Star" and Berlin's multicultural band Culcha Candela contribute one of their nicest tunes "In Da City". Yet another great version on Rootdown Records' just as a one-riddim-album released 'Crystal Woman' comes from Iriepathie, the brothers Professa and Syrix out of Austria's Wien with their "Wieso?". Then it's again time for already (very) well known artists Nattyflo with the excellent titletrack of his album "Immer Vorwärts" and Gentleman with his "Unconditional Love" over Pow Pow's 'Blaze'-riddim from his excellent "Confidence" album. The last tune on this collections is by The Okoda Supersound featuring Ras Pyton, Zoe - who is often backed by The Okada Supersound at her live gigs - & Mirta with the rootsy "The Reason". It is good to see that reggae in Germany has now become so big, that the Dancehallfieber series (into their 4th Volume) is now challenged by another ongoing series, the Statements Outta Babylon. Certainly worth buying if you don't own any of the artists' releases already featuring about half the tunes on it, and still due to its nice price worth considering to buy it for the exclusive to this album tune alone.