Various artists album review
Strictly The Best Volume 27
VP Records-Walboomers Music
24 - 12 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Bounty Killer - Mystery Is The Man
  2. Elephant Man - Log On
  3. Sizzla - Mind Over Matter
  4. Warrior King - Virtuous Woman
  5. Buju Banton - Nine
  6. Spragga Benz & Elephant Man - Warrior Cause
  7. Bounty Killer - Arrow
  8. Ce'cile & Sean Paul - Can U Do The Work
  9. Capleton - New Way (Woah!)
  10. Elephant Man - Jamaica
  11. Lexxus - Ah We Dat
  12. Wayne Wonder feat. Surprize - The Story
  13. Junior Kelly - You Can Make It
  14. Anthoby B - Equal Rights
  15. Sanchez & Ricky Rudie aka Bling Dawg - Let it Be Me
  16. Dillgin & Mark Ice - Cuss Cuss
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5

VP Records' acclaimed "Strictly The Best" series is now in its eleventh year and its twenty-seventh installment is definitely one of the strongest sets in the series. It's an excellent deejay styled dancehall-oriented compilation set packed with hits from the past few months.
Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer is featured twice. First one is treated to his awesome album opener "Mystery Is The Man" over one of the hottest dancehall riddims for 2001, the Rohan "Snow Cone" Fuller produced "Rice & Peas". One finds the Poor People's Governor in good shape, lashing out at Mr. Fool And Mr. Wannabe who try to dis him in front of his gang. Bounty's second piece called "Arrow" is delivered over a bouncing riddim track, and although not a real killer, it's a notable effort in its own right. 2001 has really been a very good year for Elephant Man and the artist's popularity among today's dancehall massive is underlined by the fact that he has three of the sixteen tracks. Elephant Man hits hard with the Jeremy Harding produced "Log On", a great cut for the "Liquid" riddim and also the title track of his second album. Another stellar performance from the "Energy God No. 1" can be captured on the combination with Spragga Benz, "Warrior Cause", the second piece for the "Rice & Peas". Then "Jamaica", a very enjoyable tune delivered over Stone Love's interpretation of R. Kelly's "Fiesta" riddim. This year there has been some controversy regarding the quality level of Sizzla's output. However, with "Mind Over Matter" he delivers a solid cut riding Harmodio's "Jah Send Di Come/Darker Shade" riddim in fine style. Next comes young rasta hitster Warrior King whose great single "Virtuous Woman" on "Lion Paw Records" made a serious impact. Warrior King's cut across the "Zion Gate" riddim reached the No. 1 position in the Reggae charts and stayed there for several consecutive weeks.
For "Mr. Nine" Buju Banton expertly rides a revitalized version of Gregory Isaacs' "Tune In" riddim, a truly outstanding effort recorded for producer Sheldan Stewart's "Calibud Productions". Ce'cile & Sean Paul prove a wicked combination duo who deliver the solid and very danceable "Can U Do The Work", the next piece for Jeremy Harding's infectious "Liquid" riddim. Capleton's "New Way (Woah!)" is the third track on this set which utilizes the "Rice & Peas" riddim. Delivered in his well known style the Prophet adds a matching cut. Then Lexxus' "Ah We Dat" drops an above par piece, which is followed by a nice tune from Wayne Wonder and his deejay alter ego Surprize. The mood changes with Junior Kelly's "You Can Make It", the notable answer version to Warrior King's "Virtuous Woman". Anthony B's rendition of Peter Tosh tune "Equal Rights" is a nice effort but in the end fails to make a serious impression. Although "Let It Be Me" fully displays Sanchez' golden voice when he sings lyrics of this classic Everly Brothers hit tune, while Ricky Rudie aka Bling Dawg comes in to add his own, contemporary lyrics to the original, this track is a rather mediocre effort. However, the next combination tune, "Cuss Cuss (not a cover, but a fresh original), by Dillgin & Mark Ice proves a winner, thus ending this excellent collection in a proper way.
Jam-packed with dancehall killers and hit songs, "Strictly The Best Vol. 27" is a great purchase!

Teacher & Mr. T.