Steel Frog
Truckback Records
February 22, 2010

Track list
  1. Tony Curtis - Baddest Sound
  2. Captain Barkey - Nah Lef Joe
  3. Black Dan - Under My Roof
  4. Macka Diamond - Baby Fadda A Call
  5. Elephant Man - Control Him
  6. General B - Style Dem
  7. Famous Face & Gangster Wasp - Rod Of Correction
  8. New Kidz - Watch Man
  9. Riching Feelings - Crocuss Bag-A-Tings
  10. Mr. Vegas - Leg Up
  11. Beenie Man - Nuttin Dat
  12. Mr. Lex & Kev Lloyd - Look Good Lady
  13. Deh Deh - Ocean
  14. Wickerman - Gimme Di Gyal Dem
  15. Capleton - Lip Lip Lip
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3
Truckback Records, the Kingston JA based team of Steve and Adrian Locke who were the masterminds behind Erup's mega hit song "Click Mi Finger" on the "Gear Box" riddim, and also the ones who gave the dancehall massive riddims such as "Dashboard", "Clutch" and "Springblade", come up with a new riddim called "Steel Frog". Without doubt this riddim, actually a real good relick of the amphibian "Frog" riddim that was built by Steely & Clevie and made popular in 1994 by tunes such as Chronicle's "No Skin Teeth", Don Yute's "Bad Man Fe Who", Simpleton's "Frog Man" and Sad Sack's "Whap Them", is part of a budding trend to revitalize classic digital dancehall riddims. Before the "Steel Frog", Shane Brown's Jukeboxx label put out a new version of the "Boops" riddim, while Donovan Germain's Penthouse imprint came up with a contemporary lick of the "Duck" aka "Duck Dance" riddim.

The infectious "Steel Frog" has an old skool flavor with a few modern twists. The list of artists who have spat their lyrics on this retro riddim includes internationally known hitmakers such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Capleton and Mr. Vegas as well as the notable dancehall stalwarts Captain Barkey, General B, Wickerman, Macka Diamond and Mr. Lex. Also young talent on the rise like Deh Deh, Famous Face & Gangster Wasp and New Kidz have been given the opportunity to present themselves on the riddim. Singer Tony Curtis gets things started with his real nice soundbwoy tune "Baddest Sound", which is then followed by nuff deadly goods. The biggest tunes for this bashment riddim are Capleton's ferocious "Lip Lip Lip", Richie Feelings' "Crocuss Bag-A-Tings", Mr. Vegas' "Leg Up", and Beenie Man's "Nuttin Dat" with Captain Barkey's "Nah Lef Joe", New Kidz's "Watch Man", Deh Deh's "Ocean" and Macka Diamond's "Baby Fadda A Call" also making a good impression.

Anyone who favours mid-90's dancehall riddims will surely enjoy this new project from Truckback records.