Ward 21 Presents ~ Stinkin Dutty Water
Ward 21 Music-47 Entertainment
January 26, 2008

Track list
  1. Badness Naah Wear - Assassin
  2. Warlord Waryad - Bounty Killa
  3. War Is On - Eggy
  4. Wi Nuh Hear Dem - Elephant Man
  5. Naah Fren Dem - Mr. Peppa
  6. So Clear (Remix) - Mavado
  7. Mr. T - Tiffa
  8. People Business - Lady Saw
  9. Give It Tou - Ward 21 & M.B.C.
  10. Haffi Run Weh - Timberlee feat. Ward 21
  11. Real Badman - Elephant Man & Ward 21
  12. Snitch - Munga
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Total votes : 5
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Ward 21's Mark 'Mean Dog' Henry, Andre 'Suku' Gray, Ronaldo 'Rumblood' Evans & Kunley McCarthy take the Japan-only release route, a trend they started with their "King Of The World" album picked up by Voicemail, Da'Ville and Chino, Delly Ranx more recently and just like 'Suku' did for his all female artists featuring "Dem Gal Sittin". Starting as King Jammy's young protégés Ward 21 have watched their popularity rise and garnered much respect within the dancehall world as topnotch performers as well as producers. Ward 21 started out like many music junkie youths in the Kingston ghettos on various sound systems in their community. They were fortunate to gain their musical experience from one of Jamaica's most influential and groundbreaking producers King Jammy at his legendary studio situated on St Lucia Avenue, Waterhouse, Kingston JA, which is also where the members of Ward 21 grew up. In 2001 the hyped up Ward 21 dropped their much anticipated debut album "Mentally Disturbed", which established the outfit as an exciting new act.

Their unique approach as captured on their own riddims such as 'Bellyas', 'Volume' and 'Trilogy', provided a fresh twist in dancehall music. Not only did Ward 21 follow up this initial string of successful riddims in 2003 with their great sophomore album "U Know How We Roll" and riddims like 'Sign', they voiced tunes in the four years since for every namebrand producer on the island and returned to the forefront as producers again last year with riddims like 'Rae' and '18 Geez' while building riddims together or individually for various other famous producers in JA and releasing their third album "King Of The World" as one of the first dancehall Japan-only releases. The release of the 'Dem Gal Sittin' and this 'Stinkin Dutty Water' riddims coincides with the announcement that a new camp of acts called Badda Gang, (named after their own 2003 hit riddim 'Badda Badda') was recently formed. The camp features Ward 21, Timberlee, Tifa, Point O and Eggi, formerly known as Egg Nog and most artists of the Badda Gang are featured on this album.

The 'Stinkin Dutty Water'-riddim is extreme hardcore dancehall, reduced to nothing but a bassline, electro-snares and an intriguing synthstring-theme, yet perfectly danceable. It should be considered criminal that the clean version of this riddim is not included on this album to showcase its strength in its pure form, kicking it off vocally is Assassin with the fine "Badness Nah Wear" that would however have been stronger if he would have been as much on top of the riddim in the verses as he is in its very strong chorus, followed by the warlord Bounty Killer for whom these type of riddims seem to be custom built and he wastes no time in delivering the standout tune across this riddim with his "Warlord Waryad". Then Eggy, formerly known as Egg-Nog, returns to the scene. Rising to fame in 1999 he was for four years voicing lots of riddims most of the time alongside Danny English and now he impresses with "War Is On" trying to revive his career (as a solo-artist), followed by the great anti-haters tune "Wi Nuh Hear Dem" by Elephant Man.

The flow of Arael Jahzeal Walters a.k.a. Mr. Peppa is clearly inspired by Cham in "Naah Fren Dem" but he does deliver a very strong tune before the remix of "(Seems) So Clear" - originally recorded in 2006 over Ward 21's 'Bad Belly'-riddim - by Mavado is featured and it tops the original tune. The upcoming singing sensation Latifa Brown a.k.a. Tifa contributes the fabulous "Mr. T.", a tune that is so well sung and singjayed that it rivals Bounty and Mavado's tunes for being the best tune over the riddim and Lady Saw who always seems to excel over Ward 21 riddims is delivering her great "People Business" very fierce and commanding. Female trio M.B.C. (standing for Make Boyz Cry), Alicia 'Diamond' Hamilton, Kemolee 'Foxy' Saltau and Heather 'Miss Chin' Yapp team up with producers Ward 21 for the extremely energetic combination "Give It To U" to which their sweet vocals give an undeniable crossover-appeal before Timberlee also delivers a combination with Ward 21, spitting the tuffest and best hardcore-gangsta lyrics by a female artist I've heard. Ward 21 then deliver the third combination in a row giving Elephant Man his second strong tune on this album "Real Badman".

The last vocal tune on this album is by the man whose debutalbum must by now have become the most anticipated dancehall album of 2008, the 'Gangsta Ras' Munga Honorebel (although it might be disappointing to hear autotune vocals at full album length), who truly makes a strong appearance here with his ultra-violent "Snitch". Ward 21 have once more produced a very strong selection with this 'Stinkin Dutty Water'-riddim, that can - like all Japan-only releases I recently reviewed - be easily obtained by visiting Irie Records in Münster, Germany or using Irie Records' mailorder service. This is a riddim that you wouldn't want to miss out on as hardcore dancehall aficionado.