Stingray Showcase Vol. 7 ~ One Drop
Stingray Records
Digital Release
November 16, 2014

Track list
  1. Don Campbell - Wonderful
  2. Patrick Boothe - So Amazing
  3. Sandra Cross - Revival
  4. Askala Selassie - I'll Wait
  5. Chardel Rhoden - Come On Over
  6. Tinga Stewart - Tinga Nuh Linga
  7. Nikesha Lindo - And Don't Stop
  8. Errol Bonnick - Still Got It
  9. Rafeelya - My Loyalty
  10. Yashema Mcleod - Let Me Reassure You
  11. Mykal Rose - Babylon City
  12. Tenna Star - You Raise Me Up
  13. Yashema Mcleod - Diggin On Me
  14. Marcia Griffiths - Mr Talkative
  15. Luciano - It Ain't Easy
  16. Michael Buckley - Tell Me When
  17. Gramps Morgan - Forgive Me
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Stingray is a UK reggae recording studio and label that was founded in 1994 by the McLeod brothers. It's based in the West London suburb of Perivale with Carlton "Dillie" McLeod and his younger brother Raymond "Sting" McLeod as producers who have steadily built a reputation for producing unique "Yard Style" mixing technique outside Jamaica. In the past Stingray has worked and produced some of the best UK finest performers such as Peter Hunnigale, Sylvia Tella, Lloyd Brown and many more. On the other side of the globe Stingray have also worked and produced high profile artists from Jamaica such as Dennis Brown, Luciano, Freddie McGregor, Bushman, Morgan Heritage, Mykal Rose, Sanchez, Tony Curtis, Lukie D and many more names to mention. The characteristic sound on Stingray's production is fairly traditional and filled with a classic '70s Reggae feel, but built with all the advantages of modern studio technology (24-track studio). Besides the production and engineering talents of Dillie, Stingray use musicians of the finest calibre such as Mafia & Fluxy, Sly & Robbie, Computer Paul, Firehouse Crew, Gumption Band, Jazzwad, Carlton Bubblers Ogilvie, Ernie Wilks, Daltone Browne, Dean Fraser and Tan Tan.

Their latest release is Vol. 7 in their "Showcase" series and is a three riddim album voiced by well known as well as up-coming UK reggae artists, but it also holds some excellent efforts by Jamaican vocalists such as Marcia Griffiths, Luciano and Mykal Rose. All three riddims are traditional one drop riddims. First there's the "Precious" riddim. Don Campbell brings a wonderful tune called Wonderful, followed by Patrick Booth, a professional singer/songwriter/producer, who has been active since the mid-70s and enjoyed success as lead singer of Midnite Express, a Jazz Funk Band. His vocal delivery on his tune So Amazing reminds us of Mikey Spice. It's nice to hear UK reggae veteran Sandra Cross once again, haven't heard from her for a long time. Check out Revival! Best tune pon de riddim is Askala Selassie with I'll Wait, an impressive powerful tune! Askala Selassie whose name means The Fruit of the Holy Trinity was born in London England in 1984, and debuted with the 7 track EP "Put JAH First" on 24 July 2011, produced by Italian independent record label Bizzarri Records.

Next comes the "Humble" riddim. Four (lovers) pon this riddim. Nikesha Lindo, Willie Lindo's daughter, brings us the first take called And Don't Stop. Errol Bonnick started his musical journey in Kingston at the tender age of 17, inspired by his brother Trevor Bonnick, former lead vocalist for the group Blood Fire Posse. His tune Still Got It is one of the highlights here.

The last riddim is called "Caution Refix" and kicks off in great style with former Black Uhuru vocalist Mykal Rose. He brings us a great roots tune called Babylon City. One of Jamaica's finest female voices, Marcia Griffiths, makes a solid impression with her fierce tune Mr. Talkative... do check this one out! Luciano makes no mistake with his offering called It Ain't Easy. Michael Buckley, one of those fine vocalists we hear too little of, is present here with his lovers tune Tell Me When. The album closes with Gramps Morgan who delivers Forgive Me, an aching lovers tune.

Splendid Stingray selection!