Various artists album review
Champion Sound Stone Love
Nocturne - Walboomers Music
11 - 01 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Luciano - Play On Intro
  2. Luciano - Lord Give Me Strength
  3. Sizzla - Guide Over Us
  4. Morgan Heritage - Live Up
  5. Capleton & Sizzla - Rocky Road
  6. Sizzla - One Away
  7. Luciano - Ulterior Motive
  8. Terror Fabulous - Order
  9. Sizzla - Praise Ye Jah
  10. Morgan Heritage - Psalms 23
  11. Sanchez - Praise Him
  12. Luciano - Gunzales
  13. Luciano - The Messenger
  14. Nitty Gritty - Good Morning Soundbwoy
  15. Garnet Silk - Thankful
  16. Bounty Killer - Send One A Hell
  17. Sanchez - Rock Bottom
  18. Luciano - Over Hills And Valleys
  19. Shabba,Bounty Killa,Johnny Osbourne - Lend Me The Chopper
  20. Ky-Mani Marley - Warrior
  21. Ronny Thwaites - Wickest Time
  22. Ky-Mani Marley - Hypocrites
  23. Shabba & Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Sound
  24. Capleton - Jah Jah City
  25. Dennis Brown - Unity
  26. Buju & Wayne Wonder - Stone Love Forever
  27. Buju Banton - Sound Fi Dead
  28. Tony Rebel - Jah Standing By Our Side
  29. Everton Blender - Stone Love Sound
  30. Ras Shiloh - Are You Satisfied
  31. Thriller U - Stone Love Is
  32. Luciano - Rainy Days
  33. Cocoa Tea - Eighteen & Over
  34. Wayne Wonder - Saddest Day
  35. Stone Love Allstars - Party In Session
  36. Brian & Tony Gold feat Elephant Man - Perfect Combination
  37. 14 K - Love Of My Live
  38. Innocent Crew & Thriller U - Long Time
  39. Capleton - Hotter
  40. Tanto Metro & Devonte - Can't Get No Sleep
  41. Beenie Man & Lexxus - You Ain't Shit
  42. 14 K - 2 Ounce Of Herb
  43. Elephant Man & Kiprich - Funny Man
  44. Capleton - More Prophet
  45. Merciless - Bar Glass
  46. Elephant Man - Gal Ya Never Move
  47. Spragga Benz & Mr. Vegas - Mad Rock
  48. 14 K - Free Willy
  49. Frisco Kid - Sargent Wallace
  50. Bounty Killa - Magnet
  51. Bounty Killa & Baby Cham - Hot Gal We Shoppen
  52. Beenie Man - Heights Of Stone Love
  53. Capleton - Dutty Life
  54. Buju Banton - Ghetto You This
  55. Capleton - Lucky
  56. General B. - Boasy & Friend
  57. Beenie Man - Everything Is Everything
  58. Bounty Killa - Deadly Zone
  59. Gee-fus Of Stone Love - Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

Since their start nearly half a century ago the sound systems (in fact the Jamaican version of mobile discos, with massed gigantic speakers for play in the dancehall, usually an open space that has been fenced off) have been responsible for making or breaking artists and reggae hits. They have been the absolute instrumental vehicle that has helped promote reggae music worldwide and has helped launch the career of hiphop music in the US, which is now the mainstream music in that country. Besides the dancehall tapes from sound systems in action - for example featuring "live" artists passing the mic or a clash between two or more sounds - the second half of the nineties saw the rise of the so-called "juggling" tapes i.e. a sound system playing versions of the latest and hottest riddims without interruption.
Stone Love made their entry into the dancehall business in 1972 and for the past 25 years it has been the sound systems with the most potent and magnetic force to pull crowds and ‘cork’ any dancehall. The name Stone Love has become an international household name and it is the most sought after sound system today. Record producers, singers and Djs will do anything to hear tunes being played on the set. The dancehall massive will follow the sound to wherever end of the earth it goes to listen to the voices of their favorite entertainment idols. Stone Love is the brainchild of Winston "WeePow" Powell, a man that thousands of people today, hold in high esteem for his professionalism, credibility, and persistence of excellence.
This album contains some 65 minutes of (mostly) dubplates from dancehall's biggest stars, continuously mixed by Stone Love's selectors. The Stone Love Crew now includes the sound's founder, Winston Powell, long time selectors Rory and Cancer, as well as Billy Slaughter, Nico (one of Stone Love's youngest selectors), Geefus, Swamp Thing and Bill Cosby. They offer the listener every style and flavor of reggae music : from the hardcore ragga sounds from Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Merciless, to the rootical vibrations of Luciano, Morgan Heritage and Kymani Marley, to the romantic crooning of Sanchez and Wayne Wonder to the fire-burning consciousness of Sizzla and Capleton. Not only contemporary dancehall stars like Elephant Man, Kiprich and Lexxuss, but also passed away reggae legends like Dennis Brown, Garnett Silk and Nitty Gritty deliver their deadly goods.
The dubplates presented here come across the usual popular riddims : M16, Stalag, General, Lala Bella, Real Rock, Badda Badda, Rip Off, Congress and Headache to name but a few.
Join the Stone Love party... stamina required!

Teacher & Mr. T.