Storm Alarm
Special Delivery Music
April 27, 2005

Track list
  1. Now & Then - Luciano
  2. Rainy Days - Gentleman feat. Tamika
  3. Silent Rivers - Ras Shiloh
  4. Not Necessary - Tony Rebel
  5. Natural Vibes - Admiral Tibett
  6. Suburb Politician - Lyricson
  7. You Got Love - Alpheus
  8. Higher Chant - Ryan
  9. Jah Lengthen My Days - Queen Ifrica
  10. Slave - Mark Wonder
  11. You Mix It Up - I Selah I
  12. Di Yoots Dem - Deny Ranks
  13. Demain Se Construit Au Present - Matinda
  14. Vis Aujourd'hui - Tairo & Mad Killah
  15. Red Gold & Green - Chadness
  16. Choisis Ta Destinee - Fefe Typical & Twony
  17. J'Accumule - Difanga
  18. Competition - Prinzlo
  19. Tu Dois Avancer - Little Francky
  20. Air & Oxygen - Nemo
  21. Libere Ton Esprit - Alkaly
  22. Riddim Storm Alarm - Bost & Bim
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
'Storm Alarm' was the follow up released last summer to Special Delivery Music's, founded in 2001 by Jay Pee Greve & Pierre Bost, heavy, one-drop roots debut riddim, built by Bost & Bim from France, 'Clean Vibes' which was also released as a one riddim album last year and their remake of the Itals' "Inna Dis Ya Time" 'Dis Ya Time'. Not only did they July last year release the big Buju Banton & Queen Omega combination "Perfect Combination" over the Heptones' "We Are In The Mood" a.k.a. 'Rock With Me' but also did they release 7 very fine 7" singles (featuring 10 tunes and the version) on the excellent live played rootical backdrop 'Storm Alarm'. 9 of these tunes (Turbulence's "Burning" is omitted) and 11 more (mainly by French artists) have been compiled now on this set. The first 10 tunes have all been covered in the 7" review mentioned above except Ryan's "Higher Chant" which holds its own between these 9 better known artists. I Selah I's "You Mix It Up" is another very convincing roots tune, followed by Deni Ranks' less convincing DJing in "Di Yoots Dem", but Matinda makes up for that in Sizzla style in "Demain Se Construit Au Present" Tomorrow Is Build By Today, before Tairo & Mad Killah combine fine singing and nice DJing in "Vis Aujourd'hui" Live Today and Chadness proves that Sizzla must be immensely popular in France('s reggae circles) as he singjays in the same vein his "Red Gold & Green" before Fefe Typical & Tywoni combine DJ forces on "Choisis Ta Destinee" Choose Your Destiny and sweet singing is provided again by Difanga in the excellent "J'Accumule" I Accumulate. Prinzlo's "Competition" and Little Francky's "Tu Dois Avancer" You Must Advance are both also very well sung tunes followed by the nasal though pleasant delivery of Nemo in "Air & Oxygen" and Alkaly singjaying his "Libere Ton Esprit" Free Your Mind before Bost & Bim highlight the strength of their riddim "Storm Alarm" that has really brought forward very fine efforts from both well known (international) and lesser known (French) artists.