Rhythm Streetz Series #6 ~ Street Swing
In The Streetz
May 6, 2006

Track list
  1. I'll Be Aiming High - Wayne Marshall
  2. Chant Dem Down - Sizzla
  3. Over & Over - Jeffrey Star
  4. I'll Be There For You - Bunny Rugs
  5. Mis-Leaders - Turbulence
  6. Never Stop Hail Rastafari - Lutan Fyah
  7. If You Really Love Me - Gyptian
  8. Wheat & Tears - Jah Mason
  9. Watch What You Doing - Luciano
  10. There Is A Place - Natural Black
  11. Parable - Richie Spice
  12. Life - T.O.K.
  13. Cyaan Draw We Out - Sojah
  14. Love Keeps You Alive - Norris Man
  15. From The Very First Time - Fantan Mojah
  16. Street Swing Version - Paul 'Wrong Move' Crossdale, Donald Dennis & David Madden
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Byron Murray & Clifford 'Mr. Vegas' Smith' In The Streetz label releases in their Rhythm Streetz Series - following the most successful 2004 one drop riddim "#1 - Drop Leaf" produced by Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett a.k.a. Don Corleon, selector Fire Links' completely crazy yet infectious riddim, "#2 - Chaka Chaka", DJ Sunshine's sophomore riddim "#4 - Real Life", Andrew Prendergast & Josef Bogdanovich a.k.a. Black & White of Downsound Records "#3 - Invasion & Maroon Riddim" and the inexplicably again "#3" numbered album "No Man's An Island", produced by the in the late 70s rather popular DJ now turned producer Neville 'Jah Woosh' Beckford for his Original Music label and the last volume before this one so far Don Corleon's second very successfull one-drop riddim "#5 - Seasons" - now finally an In The Streetz production, Byron Murray's first attempt at a one drop riddim. Certainly not shying away from trends (his 'Mudd-Up' was revisiting in the current trend his own 2000 'Mud Up' relick of Supercat's late 80s riddim / Chakademus' 1991 'Workie Workie'), Byron Murray has so far been firmly focused on dancehall, as his previous riddims like the 'Crash'-riddim, and Greensleeves Rhythm Albums #11 "Mud up", #12 "Xtreme", #30 "Bollywood", #53 "Worried" and #72 "Bounce" all make clear. And now he has turned his attention to one drop with this very nice 'Street Swing' that was built and played by Paul 'Wrong Move' Crossdale & Donald Dennis, supported by David Madden's trumpet and the beautiful backing vocals of LMJ, having a sound very reminiscent of that of Michael 'Mikey John' Johnson's 'Nine Eleven' a.k.a. 'Lion Paw'-riddim. But when you realise how strong that riddim was, it can hardly be seen as a disadvantage, and the contributions of Wayne Marshall with his beautifully sung "I'll Be Aiming High" the limit is the sky about never giving up and Sizzla's very melodic "Chant Dem Down" kicking off this album immediately show the high standard that is ruling here. Jeffrey Star might not be that prolific, but his "Over & Over" again I keep falling for you is an excellent lovers tune, followed by "I'll Be There For You" by one of reggae's most soulful singers ever, veteran and former Third World singer Bunny Rugs, showing how great he still sounds and Turbulence's very fine "Misleaders". Lutan Fyah is singing his praises of the Almighty in "Never Stop Hail Rastafari" also in a very melodic way, and Gyptian delivering a great lovers tune, the heartfelt "If You Really Love Me" let me know right now. Jah Mason is joining fellow Bobo-chanters Sizzla, Turbulence and Lutan Fyah in contributing a very melodic and fine strong tune, the lyrically for me more difficult to understand "Wheat & Tears", before Luciano addresses one of his pet themes, but once more in superb style, calling out to the leaders of the world "Watch What You Doing". Natural Black's "There Is A Place" is equally strong, and also shows the more melodic side of this singjay, like the others featured on this album, then Richie Spice explains bet you never know, the seed you sow is what you grow in his "Parable" and T.O.K. once more show they are not only ruling dancehall riddims, but their "Footprints" and "Tears" were no exceptions, and "Life" is another moving one drop scorcher by them. Sojah, who debuted with "Real Love" over Ray Stephens' Vertex adaptation of Rebellion's 'We Must Rebel', contributes the fine at slow pace deejayed "Cyaan Draw We Out" with its singjayed catchy chorus before Norris Man's fine uplifting "Love Keeps You Alive" and Fantan Mojah delivering the last vocal tune over the riddim, the fine lovers tune "From The Very First Time". This great first one drop effort by Byron Murray is featured in its clean "Street Swing Version" closing this must have set of tunes on an excellent one drop riddim.