Sugar Riddim
Special Delivery Music
CD / Digital Release
December 21, 2009

Rupee - Sugar Riddim Track list
  1. Demarco - It's OK
  2. Peetah Morgan - It's Love
  3. Gappy Ranks - The Rain
  4. Da'Ville - Barrier
  5. Million Stylez - Me & You
  6. Rupee - Not Giving Up
  7. Ziggi - Gonna Leave You
  8. Torch - Good Love
  9. Lyricson - Glad You're Mine
  10. Ricashae - Can't Wait
  11. Oba Simba - The Herb
  12. Jah Sun - Woman Of Virtue
  13. Irie Love - Don't Give Up
  14. Kevin - Feel It
  15. Stevie Culture - I Can Be Bad
  16. Bost - Maramax
  17. TN'T - Instrumental
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Special Delivery Music, the Paris and London based French label that has taken its place in the forefront of European produced reggae music with quality riddims like "Judgement Time", "Storm Alarm", "Dis Ya Time", "Vision" and many more, is back with the "Sugar" riddim, a well-produced marvelous soulful 'one drop' riddim with a great selection of vocals. The flawless riddim with its appealing guitar parts instantly grabs you and sticks to you like glue.

Before the release of this 'one-riddim' set, the warm, easy going "Sugar" riddim has already spawned two hit singles (Ziggi's "Gonna Leave You" and Lyricson's "Glad You're Mine"), but this could easily have been more as this cd learns that the riddim has quite a few real outstanding efforts. Despite the lack of the widely known topnotch reggae stars, there are enough topnotch songs featured on this disc. Special Delivery Music -- remember that they already did this before -- proves that you don't necessarily need the big names to produce quality tunes.

Without doubt currently the best known and internationally most appealing artists featured here are Demarco, who made an impressive debut in 2007 with his huge hit "Fallen Soldiers", Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage, and Da'Ville, as well as to a certain extent, Million Stylez and Ziggi. The latter delivers the signature tune for the "Sugar" riddim, the excellent lovers tune "Gonna Leave You", already known from his 2008 released sophomore album "In Transit". In fact the riddim perfectly fits songs that deal with matters of the heart as is fully shown by standouts like Peetah Morgan's "It's Love, like Solomon & Sheba, like Michelle & Obama. It's love, like David & Bathsheba, like my Mama & Papa", Lyricson's "Glad You're Mine", Torch's "Good Love", Ricashae's "I Can't Wait", Jah Sun's "Woman Of Virtue" and "Me & You" by Million Stylez. Matching tunes worthwhile hearing are Demarco's "It's O.K.", Irie Love's "Don't Give Up", Kevin's "Feel It" and Stevie Culture's conscious "I Can Be Bad".

Definitely one of the best 'one drop' riddim sets of 2009!