Summer Body Riddim
Lyrical War Records
Digital Release
September 11, 2012

Summer Body Riddim - Various  Artists Track list
  1. Jami Dread - Summer Body
  2. I-Shenko - Touch You
  3. Booba Starr - Da Wine Deh
  4. African - Do Your Ting Gal
  5. Merchant - Nah Trust Friend Again
  6. UK (Unique Kid) - Body Good
  7. CJ Killawno - Can't Get Me Down
  8. Blackk Blunt - Girls
  9. Shawn Mental - Every Gal
  10. Chajah - She Hav Di Summer Body
  11. Stefan "Jami Dread" Prieler - Summer Body Riddim Instrumental
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
After having introduced the dancehall fraternity to the "Rum Bokkle" riddim in the spring of 2012, actually the first official release of a new Austria based record label called Lyrical War Records (run by Jami Dread from Austria and O'Neil from Jamaica), the label's second riddim drops towards the end of a hot summer season. Just like the "Rum Bokkle", this brand new "Summer Body" riddim has been created by talented young singjay/musician/producer Stefan Prieler aka Jami Dread.

The "Rum Bokkle" riddim introduced the avid dancehall fan to little known artists like Booba Starr, African, Chajah, UK (Unique Kid), Jami Dread, and Shawn Mental to name six. The aforementioned aspiring artists are once again involved in a Lyrical War Records' riddim project and that's really a good thing as they and the other artists that are featured on this 'one riddim' set are given the opportunity to get some exposure on an international level.

From the moment things get started with the "Summer Body" tune of Jami Dread, it's obvious that the latter has managed to translate a feeling of euphoria -- in particular emerging when people enjoy sunny summer days -- into music. Besides that this artist along with the others who have voiced the riddim make fully clear that it doesn't necessarily take the crème de la crème of dancehall artists to create a very entertaining juggling affair. Except for conscious efforts like Merchant's "Nah Trust Friend Again" and CJ Killawno's "Can't Get Me Down", the songs featured here are for the female world. Personal favourites are African's "Do Your Ting Gal", Blackk Blunt's "Girls", Shawn Mental's "Every Gal", and "Touch You" by I-Shenko.

This fine riddim set outta Austria has such an infectious beat that it gets all party animals going!