Various artists album review
Summer Bounce
July 26, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Summer Bounce - Elephant Man
  2. Girls Dem Cute - Sizzla
  3. Virgin - Capleton
  4. Party - Tanya Stephens
  5. Dance Moves - Sky Juice
  6. Tek A Puff - DaVille
  7. Kick It Weh - Kid Kurrupt
  8. Chocolate Eyes - Merciless, Vybz Kartel & Insane
  9. See Har Deh - Sizzla & Jigsy King
  10. Tight & Fat - Kiprich
  11. All Of A Sudden - Ward 21
  12. Spend The Night - Action K
  13. Mi A Ras - Determine
  14. Raving - Tugga War & Coco
  15. Nuh Good Again - Harry Toddler
  16. Hard Drive - Anthony B
  17. Mi Yard - Queen Paula
  18. Mi Nuh Care- Hawkeye
  19. How You Want It - Galaxy P & Coco
  20. Mix 2 Di Max - Buju Banton, Capleton, Elephant Man & Vybz Kartel
  21. Summer Bounce Rhythm - Annex Crew
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart of Annex Productions returns in the spotlight with the brilliant 'Summer Bounce'-riddim. His 'Doorslam'-, 'Heatwave'-, 'Bushy Bushy'- and 'Zero Tolerance'-riddim made serious waves three years ago, and after returning last year with the 'Sweat'-riddim this seems to be his real comeback to the scene and the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series. I keep getting surprised by the attention Elephant Man gets for his tunes, as his name giving "Summer Bounce" only benefits from the superb riddim, but his delivery lacks adding any extras to the track. Sizzla on these type of riddims is as I tend to think every time disappointing every time, and "Girls Dem Cute" is no exception. Much better normally is fellow turbanhead Capleton, who even gets away here using the melody of and paraphrasing the lyrics of Madonna's Like A "Virgin" for some fine slack tale about King Django sinking it in over a version of the riddim in which some steel pans get upfront in the mix to full effect. As always it's a pleasure to hear Tanya Stephens ride a riddim, and her ganja-"Party" tune is a killer tune. The over-the-top "Dance Moves" by Sky Juice is hilarious but at the same time it's an extremely catchy tune. Always a pleasure as well is the voice of DaVille, who is a great singer doing the fine gals & ganja tribute "Tek A Puff" that makes the deep thumping bubbling bass in contrast even better noted. In "Kick It Weh" Dutty Cup Crew member Kid Kurrupt, whose debut album should hit the stores this coming month, tempts a girl with his bedroom cuisine / because the girl she wants protein. "Chocolate Eyes" is a great 'High Grade'-combination by Merciless, Vybz Kartel and newcomer Insane. Jigsy King gets Sizzla to a better level than on his solo effort earlier mentioned in "See Har Deh", and then it's up to Kiprich to praise a girl's "Tight & Fat" Needle Eye Pum Pum. No matter the amount of slackness these days, a lot of these tunes actually carry the swing, and this is another example. If only this catchy tune would crossover, and have all these charttopper buying teenies sing it's lyrics, now that'd be funny. "All Of A Sudden" is an amusing tune by Ward 21, and newcomer female singjay Action K, who did a fine combination with Tornado on Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's 'Cool Fusion'-riddim, delivers the fine "Spend The Night" about her crazy kind of lover / that's what I like / the way he talks about sex / makes me want to move . Determine's "Mi A Ras" is not a religious statement, as his convincing tune is all about being A Ras Inna Bed. Tugga War & Coco's combination "Raving" is a fine combination of sweet female singing and ruff voiced DJing. After coming back on the 'Worried'-riddim Harry Toddler with the dark sounding party-tune "Rave" he has another fine tune on this riddim with "Nuh Good Again". Anthony B is always at ease, like Capleton, and shows his with this very fine slack (yet probably not based on the truth) "Hard Drive" woman dem want the bobo / cause we nah dive. Then new female DJ Queen Paula tells another woman my pussy bring your man to "Mi Yard" / your man tell mi pussy is better than yours with a very catchy delivery. Hawkeye's badman-tune "Mi Nah Care" makes me hope his return to the scene recently with tunes on the 'Celebration'-, 'Dreamweaver'- and 'Chrome'-riddims will last, as this is another fine effort. Galaxy P delivers the fine and once again very slack mi push it far enough "How You Want It" combination with Coco's fine vocals and heavy breathing & sighing. We're treated than to a nice megamix that also features some very excellent Buju unfortunately lacking as a separate entry, but adding spice to this "Mix 2 Di Max" in fine style. This fine set of tunes on an absolutely wicked bouncing (pun intended) riddim, engineered by Mixing Lab's Albert 'Burro' Blackwood - whose own Kasablanca-riddim will be the next release in this series - for Harvel Hart's Annex records, ends with the clean version of this mighty "Summer Bounce Rhythm".