Various artists album review
Riddim Rider ~ Sweat
Charm - Jet Star
April 18 - 2003

Tracking list

  1. Elephant Man - Escalade Bumper
  2. Capleton - Mi Love Di P** P**
  3. Sizzla - Dress Code
  4. Lukie D - Baby You Got It
  5. Merciless - Anthem
  6. Harry Toddler feat. Nu Barn Thugz - Look At U
  7. Mr. Lex feat. Famous Face - Dat Mi Seh
  8. Bounty Killer - Bed Bruk Down
  9. Anthony B - $20 Coin
  10. Major Christie - Dance Lady
  11. Roundhead - Come A Mi Yard
  12. Powerman - Size 10 Timberland
  13. Capleton - Black Woman
  14. Mr. Vegas - Insane
  15. Sizzla - Empty Di Cup
  16. Merciless - Undecided
  17. Danny English - Mission Impossible
  18. Natural Black - My Girl
  19. Boom Dandymite - Wuk Boy Gal
  20. Galaxy P & Ninja Kid - No Problem
  21. Singer J & New Kidz - Gimmi Some
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

In the past few years producer Harvel Hart aka Gadaffi and his "Annex" label attracted notable attention with such durable dancehall riddims as "Door Slam", "Heatwave", "Bushy Bushy" and "Zero Tolerance", hard hitting street beats that hosted an enviable line-up of Jamaica’s finest dancehall stars. Thus the producer not only became an important contributor to the current dancehall explosion, but also cemented the reputation of his "Annex" label among reggae fans worldwide. However let's not forget that it was the very same Harvel "Gadaffi" Hart who first transformed Merciless into an internationally renowned dancehall star with tracks like "Mama Cookin'", "Ole Gallis", "So Many Girls", "Press The Gal Them Button", "Mr. Daz", "Thief In The Night" and numerable other mid-to-late nineties' classics besides. The latter also co-starred Little Hero and Action Fire, both of whom (like their one-time stablemate Junior Kelly) owe their early reputations to Gadaffi. Now this successful producer strikes again with another great riddim entitled "Sweat", which benefits from its crashing, percussive backbeat and ear-catching FX. Fine singers like Lukie D, Major Christie and Natural Black show off their skills alongside a worthy selection of Jamaica's most powerful deejay talent including Capleton, Sizzla, Elephant Man, Anthony B, Mr. Lex and Bounty Killer.
Some real exciting efforts can be found on this set including a next dancehall anthem from the unstoppable Elephant Man entitled "Escalade Bumper", Merciless' "Anthem" Capleton's "Black Woman", Mr. Vegas' "Insane" and Sizzla's "Empty Di Cup". Lukie D's "Baby You Got It" and "Dance Lady" by Major Cristie are the best efforts from the few vocal representatives included here.
No new styles or trends to be found on this one, but nevertheless a good set that will certainly please the avid dancehall fan.

Teacher & Mr. T.