Sweet Baby Riddim
Irievibrations Records
Digital Release
September 4, 2011

Sweet Baby Riddim Selection - Various Artists Track list
  1. Sizzla - Africa Chant
  2. Konshens & Delus (Sojah) - Be There
  3. Luciano - Truly Love Some One
  4. Perfect - Best Friend
  5. Anthony B - Jah Bless Me
  6. Ray Darwin - Your Wish
  7. Cornadoor - Outta Mi Heart
  8. Mischu Laikah - Calling For Love
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Total votes : 6
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Since brothers Professa and Bassix (aka Iriepathie) started the Irievibrations label in 2004, the reggae massive has been treated to a notable amount of well-produced riddims ("Peace", "Lovebird", "Elevator", "Caribbean", "Hit Drop", "Work Off" and "Roll Out") and albums (Perfect's "Born Dead With Life", Konshens & Delus aka Sojah's "Modern Revolution", the "Still One Drop" sampler and Luciano's "Rub-A-Dub Market") coming out of their basecamp in Vienna, Austria.

It actually was the track "Be There" from Sojah's 2009 released "Modern Revolution" set, that introduced us to their great sounding "Sweet Baby" riddim. Later on the riddim popped up again when listening to the contemplative "Outta Mi Heart" from Cornadoor's debut album "Without Restrictions" and then "Truly Love Someone", which can be found on Luciano's "Rub-A-Dub Market". This sweet sounding riddim, expertly built and produced by the Irievibrations production crew, and the three aforementioned cuts, now re-appear on a digitally released "one-riddim' album. Besides the already known solid efforts from Konshens & Delus, Luciano and Cornadoor, one can enjoy listening to five new tunes that were voiced over this laidback riddim. As (almost) always on these kinda riddims, Sizzla is in real good shape and with "Afican Chant" he surely delivers the best cut on the riddim. Also Anthony B's "Jah Bless Me", which most likely will be included on his forthcoming album for Irievibrations, is truly a piece worth hearing. The same goes for Perfect's "Best Friend", while also Ray Darwin's "Your Wish" and "Calling Out For Love" by talented Dutch songstress Mischu Laikah make a good impression.

All in all this is another fine release from Irievibrations Records, so do check it and download it from a legal platform.