Sweet Memories Riddim
IslandYard Productions
Digital Download
September 23, 2012

Track list
  1. Sashi Lamont - Share Your Love
  2. Richie Stephens - Nobody But You
  3. Patchy - Sweet Memories
  4. Lukie D - Simply Magic
  5. Kananga - My Woman
  6. Turbulence - My Emotions
  7. Tanto Metro & Devonte - My Song
  8. Brown Shuga - Total Woman
  9. Morgan I - The Same
  10. Tasha T - Only A Woman Knows
  11. Anthony B - Call On Jah
  12. A.J. Brown - Be True
  13. X Ale - Protect My Life
  14. Exco Levi - Kebra Negast
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Total votes : 15
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4/5
IslandYard Productions is the brainchild of Paul 'Patchy' Wright. He has been a dj, barber, songwriter, audio engineer and producer for over 25 years. In the past he was involved in some major reggae projects such as Sean Paul's multi-platinum album 'Dutty Rock', Beenie Man's Grammy winning album 'Art and Life', Tanto Metro and Devonte's Billboard album 'The Beat Goes On'. He has also worked at King Jammys Recording Studio, Penthouse Recording Studio, Shocking Vibes Recording Studio, and Ncf Productions Ltd. Only recently he started his own label, IslandYard Productions, and started working on some major projects with Sly and Robbie of Taxi Records and Rorey Baker of One Pop Music.

The label's current effort is the release of a 'one riddim' set called "Sweet Memories". The riddim is a pop flavoured riddim, voiced by some of the island's top vocalists and a bunch of new and upcoming talents. Most of the tunes here are lovers tunes, with an occasional roots tune. It's a pleasure to hear reggae veteran A.J. Brown once more, he's blessed with a golden voice, but his output is really far from prolific. His song Be True is one of the outstanding tunes here, together with Nobody But You from Richie Stephens, an artist we'd love to hear more! Another sweet voiced vocalist is Lukie D, once member of the notorious L.U.S.T. crew. His contribution is above average, while Tanto Metro & Devonte's My Song is an awesome lick of the riddim. The producer himself delivers a good tune with the title song. Anthony B's Call On Jah is an enjoyable roots tune. Out of the up-and-coming talents we picked Exco Levi with his praising tune Kebra Negast, X Ale's powerful Protect My Life and Morgan I with The Same.

Nice effort from IslandYard Productions!