Tabia Riddim Part 2
Al.Ta.Fa.An Records
Digital Release
February 2, 2016

Track list
  1. Sara Lugo - More Love
  2. Althea Hewitt - My Joy
  3. Mirian Kay - Questions
  4. Leezah feat. Lutan Fyah - I Need You
  5. Daddy Rings & Sista - Nothing Stop This Love
  6. Bob Andy - You Turn Me On
  7. Keith And Tex - Gwaan Gal
  8. Everton Blender - Carmelita
  9. Anthony Cruz - Hit Me Up
  10. Jack Radics - That Healing
  11. Cornadoor - Same Old Struggles
  12. Lymie Murray - My Loving
  13. Ras Shiloh - Coming Home
  14. Taffari - In Love Again
  15. Hezron - There She Goes
  16. Tabia Riddim Instrumental
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
For quite some years by now, Anthony Senior's esteemed Al.Ta.Fa.An. Records has put out some noteworthy artist albums as well as fine riddim projects including such as "Security", "Kiana", "Tsahai", "Immigration" and "Overdub". The latter, which was released early 2015, is now followed up by the "Tabia Riddim Part 2" (did we miss "Part 1"??!!), a beautiful lovers riddim with a sweet vibe.

It's Sara Lugo's "More Love", a song that was featured on her 2014 released "Hit Me With Music" album, gets things going. The German songstress, who besides Reggae also has explored Soul, R&B and Jazz territories since she started her career, sounds really nice on this track and towards the end she even does Jazz scats along the riddim. The tracklist includes some eye-catching names like for example Keith & Tex and Bob Andy. The latter comes up with "You Turn Me On", also previously released in 2014. It's a bit odd to hear this influential Jamaican artist singing such a love song, while he's arguably at his very best when he delivers conscious material (think the mighty "Create Our History", done in collaboration with Luciano for Al.Ta.Fa.An. Records). It's obvious that love songs suit Keith & Tex very well and thus they make a good impression with "Gwaan Gal".

It's also surprising to see the Soul-influenced singer Jack Radics appear here, because - to our knowledge - he hasn't been very active in music business for quite some time. The singer, who recorded several hit songs during the 1990s, has an instantly recognizable vocal style which comes to full expression on the solid "That Healing". Another veteran present here is Everton Blender, who's known for being equally at home with Roots music and Lovers Rock. Tight singing about sweet "Carmelita" from Costa Rica, he turns this song into one of the highlights. When it comes to the highlights it's recommended to check "Nothing Stop This Love" by Daddy Rings & Sista, Anthony Cruz's "Hit Me Up", Lymie Murray's "My Loving", Ras Shiloh's "Coming Home", and Taffari's "In Love Again".

All in all this is a very entertaining collection of love tunes. No fillers included here!!