Various artists album review
Riddim Driven ~ Tabla
VP Records-Walboomers Music
08 - 08 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Sean Paul - Street Respect
  2. Sizzla - Armed And Dangerous
  3. Buju Banton - Wanted
  4. Bounty Killer - Fed Up 2K2
  5. Hawkeye - De-Sesi-Mia
  6. Bling Dawg aka Ricky Rudie - So
  7. Mr. Vegas - Papeto
  8. Capleton - Bad Mind 2K2
  9. Innocent Kru - To You
  10. Junior Kelly - Lock Down
  11. Mr. Lexx - Hush
  12. Ninja Ford - Yard Man Slang
  13. Alozade - Remember This
  14. Mr. G - Why Don't You
  15. Calibe - Murderer
  16. Ambelique & Red Dragon - Lonely
  17. Ced Synatra - Party Non-Stop
  18. Feco - Ghetto Life
  19. Cherine - Why
  20. Tabla Riddim Version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

For more than two decades by now renown riddim twins Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare have been releasing their works on their own "Taxi" label. Now, in the year 2002, these respected veteran musicians and producers have a new production tag called "Beat Ruut". With the "Tabla" riddim they deliver their first release under the new moniker. The Tabla (an Indian drum) is used on the instrumental track with the standard electronic dancehall instrumentation. The Bangara (East Indian dance music) influence on this riddim is the spicy flavor that is capturing the imagination of music fans and producers alike as is expressed by the fact that these more fluid far east riddims - including Dave Kelly's "The Return" and Lenky's "Diwali" - have been creating a trend in the dancehalls of Jamaica and abroad. Sly & Robbie's "Tabla" has been one of the most popular riddims since the first cuts for the riddim started to hit the streets in the early spring. Standout tracks on the riddim include Sean Paul's "Street Respect", Buju Banton's "Wanted" and Hawkeye's "De-Sesi-Mia". Furthermore one is treated to such strong efforts like Sizzla's "Armed & Dangerous", Junior Kelly's "Lock Down", Mr. Lexx's "Hush", Mr. G's "Why Don't You", Ambelique & Red Dragon's combination tune "Lonely" and "Ghetto Life" from Feco. Also featured here are Bounty Killer's "Fed Up" and Capleton's "Bad Mind", both being very enjoyable remixes of Sly & Robbie produced classics.

Teacher & Mr. T.