Bambú Station Presents Talkin' Roots II
Mt. Nebo Records-Walboomers Music
September 1, 2005

Track list
  1. Good Works - Tuff Lion
  2. Baggawire - Ijah Menelik
  3. Hold The Faith - Star Lion Family
  4. Never Change My Mind - Lady Passion
  5. Trod On - Jahman
  6. Dem No Tired - Danny I
  7. My Powaz - Pressure
  8. I Don't Know - Army
  9. Be With Me - Bashan
  10. Do Good - Ras Bumpa
  11. Battle Goes On - Ibednego
  12. Visionary Tools - Anhk Watep
  13. Haile I Selassie I - Black Culture
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
On May 8, 2002, Virgin Islands-based Mt. Nebo Records released the Bambú Station produced compilation album, "Talkin' Roots I", which was well received by roots fans all over the world. Now here's its much anticipated follow-up, simply titled "Talkin' Roots II", and again we're treated to an entertaining and uplifting collection of tunes truly worth of hearing. Bambú Station have expertly laid all the riddims, while mostly unknown fresh talent like Ijah Menelik, Lady Passion, Bashan and Ibednego along with rising stars such as Pressure and Army have supplied the vocals and lyrics. The album opener comes from Bambú Station's veteran and much heralded guitarist Tuff Lion, whose "Good Works" -- a self-proclaimed Mt. Nebo anthem -- is an appealing as well as inspirational effort. Next drops Ijah Menelik's militant "Baggawire", a wicked dancehall oriented piece which is in strong contrast to the laid back mood of the previous track. But that's what makes this compilation so interesting and enjoyable, because you'll find always something new or different around when it comes to voices, reggae styles and arrangements. It makes this collection an energetic, well varied set which doesn't get boring at all when you play the tracks over and over again. It's truly impressive to experience that so many unknown names are capable of delivering such refreshing and inspired sounding efforts. Next to the earlier mentioned tunes our favourite tracks include Lady Passion's "Never Change My Mind", Danny I's "Dem No Tired", Pressure's "My Powaz", Army's "I Don't Know", Ibednego's "Battle Goes On" and Black Culture's hymn "Haile I Selassie I. In all this is a well produced conscious reggae compilation with many winners to enjoy. So check it out!!