Tear Up Jeans Riddim
Looney Bin / In The Streetz
February 24, 2009

Etana - The Strong One Track list
  1. Press Release - Ward 21
  2. Back It Up - Natalie Storm
  3. Booty Call - Voicemail
  4. Wife Ova Mate - Chicken
  5. Can't Stop We - Tifa
  6. Have Mi Things - Konshens
  7. Gal Hunt - Sean Storm
  8. Good - Timberlee
  9. Badman She Want - Elephant Man
  10. Guide & Protect - Mr. Peppa
  11. Haffi Buss - Laden
  12. Nuh Yes Man - Bugle
  13. Fight Over Man - Einstein
  14. Any Man - Vegas
  15. House Nuh Empty - G Maffiah
  16. When The Work Is Done - Serani
  17. Village Mattress - Delly Ranks
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Total votes : 21
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Starting 4 years ago and running into 11 volumes over a period of almost 3 years, In The Streetz Music with their Rhythm Streetz series put out quality riddims no matter whether roots, lovers or hardcore dancehall and suddenly the series disappeared, unfortunately for the one-riddim album (or two-riddim for that matter) buyer. But now In The Streetz is back into the one-riddim album business, not reviving the Rhythm Streetz series, but in collaboration with Looney Bin, the label of Ward 21's Mark 'Mean Dawg' Henry, who produced this excellent relick of Shocking Vibes' 1994 smash-riddim 'Corduroy' retitled "Tear Up Jeans". Very well relicked by Mean Dawg alongside fellow Ward 21 member Kunley McCarthy and 'Computer Paul' Henton at Natural Bridge this album is big fun from the first to the last tune. Ward 21 themselves are kicking it off in fine style, and a fine mix of young upcoming artists like Chicken, Konshens, Sean Storm a.k.a. Portmore Empire's Shawn Storm, Laden and Einstein, ladies like Tifa, Natalie Storm and Timberlee (together also storming stages as T'N'T) and well-known artists like Voicemail, Elephant Man, Mr. Peppa, Bugle, Vegas, G Maffiah, Serani and Delly Ranks all deliver above par tunes, making clear that this riddim has been voicing for the artists as much as it is for the listener to listen to. Despite lacking a clean version, this 'Corduroy'-relick a.k.a. "Tear Up Jeans Riddim" is a one-riddim-album that any hardcore dancehall fan definitely wants to buy.