Various artists album review
Rhythm Choice Vol. 4 ~ The Itch
Bakchich Records-Walboomers Music
07 - 10 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Future Troubles - Shake
  2. Red Rat - Talk Up
  3. T.O.K. - Straight As An Arrow
  4. Junior Kelly - War Now
  5. Mr. Vegas - Too Much
  6. Psycho & Fastey - Boomba
  7. Elephant Man - F*** Off
  8. Mosiah Levi - The Itch Megamix
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

"The Itch" is the title of the fourth bashment selection in Bakchich Records' "Rhythm Choice" series. Produced by Frenchie for "Maximum Sounds" this compilation set features 7 pieces plus a short megamix for "The Itch" riddim, just like its predecessor "Intercom" laid by Mafia & Fluxy, Richard 'Shams' Browne and Frenchie.
This mini-album opens with a deejay who emerged in the mid-nineties with his huge Jamaican hit "Kung Fu" and corresponding stage act, Future Troubles. In contrast to his usual raw vocal performance he now utilizes a more melodic style. This kind of delivery fully fits the driving beat of the backdrop and thus makes "Shake" a very enjoyable effort. Red Rat has proven to benefit from Frenchie's production work and his solid cut "Talk Up" is further proof. T.O.K. first gained real recognition back in 1999 when their single "When Eagles Cry" became their first number 1 hit on the reggae charts. Since then this young dancehall group continued to release notable and well anticipated tunes. "Straight As An Arrow" is another fine example of the group's unique ability to sing, deejay and harmonize. Conscious singjay Junior Kelly doesn't belong to the group of artists one expects to ride "The Itch", nevertheless he proves that he's also capable to deliver a decent effort across these kind of dancehall riddims. Mr. Vegas expertly rides the riddim in his well known style and his cut "Too Much" is truly above par. The rather unknown combination duo Psycho & Fastey contribute a nice piece and the same goes for Elephant Man. Mosiah Levi's "The Itch Megamix" features all tracks once again, but now presented in a flawless mix of 4 minutes.
Irresistible and infectious are the keywords for the "one riddim" set: "Rhythm Choice Vol. 4 ~ The Itch".

Teacher & Mr. T.