Various artists album review
The Songs Of Bob Andy
Jove Music
21 - 11 - 1997

Tracking list

  1. Nadine Sutherland - War in the city
  2. Trevor Hartley - The way I feel
  3. Ken Boothe - Unchained
  4. Earl 16 - I don't care
  5. Alton Ellis - I would be a fool
  6. Bob Andy - Never give up the fight
  7. Jackie Paris - Life could be a symphony
  8. Hopeton Lindo - It's impossible (Impossible love)
  9. Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses - Revelation
  10. Marcia Griffiths - The ghetto stays in the mind
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Bob Andy has remained a major force since reggae's earliest years. His Studio One work includes the brilliant "Songbook" album and he penned tunes for the Paragons, Marcia Griffiths and many others. He charted big in England in the seventies (in tandem with Marcia Griffiths), and Barrington Levy, among others, broke big with revamped versions of his tunes in more recent times as well.
Andy is a superb songwriter -always delivering thoughtful and penetrating lyrics - with a catalogue of over hundred songs to his credit. With this in mind and the fact that good songs are timeless it's almost obvious that putting together an album with current interpretations of a selection of Bob Andy's songs can't be that wrong. And indeed, listening to this album is a real treat for the ear ! The selected songs and the artists' performances are good (some even great), the musical backing is provided by musicians such as Mafia & Fluxy and Jahpostles Band and mixes are done by Gussie P., Mad Professor and Bunny Tom-Tom, all together making this a solid album. Stand out cuts are: Alton Ellis' "I would be a fool", Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses' "Revelation", Marcia Griffith's "The ghetto stays in the mind" and the previously unreleased "Never give up the fight" by the man himself.

Notes on the original versions of the songs:

Track 1: Bob's 1976 single on Jam-Rock
Track 2: Bob's 1970 single on Success
Track 3: Bob at Studio One
Track 4: Bob & Tyrone Evans at Studio One
Track 5: Bob at Studio One
Track 6: Previously unreleased
Track 7: Bob at Studio One
Track 8: Delroy Wilson at Studio One
Track 9: Bob's 1978 LP track on Sky Note
Track 10: Bob's 1978 single on Sky Note

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