Various artists album review
The Sound Of Channel One ~ King Tubby Connection
Motion Records
Double CD set
24 - 04 - 1999

Tracking list

    Disc 1
  1. Delroy Wilson - Stop Look What You're Doing
  2. King Tubby - Stop Look Dub
  3. Jim Brown - Dancehall Vibes
  4. King Tubby - Vibes Dub
  5. Badoo - Headline News
  6. King Tubby - Headlines Dub
  7. Prince Pompidou - 70 Times 7
  8. King Tubby - 70 Times Dub
  9. Badoo - Rockin' Of The Ten Thousand
  10. King Tubby - Dubbin' Of The Ten Thousand
  11. Calvin Stuart - Babylon A Turn Dem Back
  12. King Tubby- Turn Back Dub
  13. Desmond Irie/King Tubby - Dub One
   Disc 2
  1. Badoo - I Got Love
  2. King Tubby - I Got Dub
  3. Delroy Wilson - You Have My Heart
  4. King Tubby - Dub My Heart
  5. Calvin Stuart - The Alphabet Song
  6. King Tubby - Alphabet Dub
  7. Badoo - I'm Gonna Tell You My Mind
  8. King Tubby - I'm Gonna Dub You My Mind
  9. Desmond Irie - Babylon You Must Go Down
  10. King Tubby - Dub You Must Go Down
  11. Badoo - Diplomatic Link
  12. King Tubby - Diplomatic Dub
  13. Larry Marshall - Nanny Goat
  14. Larry Marshall - Nanny Goat Dub
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 5

This double CD collection consists of 27 gems from the seventies and early eighties. All tracks - except the Larry Marshall tunes - were recorded at Channel One Studios in Maxfield Avenue, West Kingston, Jamaica and were mixed by dub pioneer Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby. This compilation set is made up of largely unreleased material from producer Glen Darby, who also was involved in the production work of the "lost" Skatalites album "Heroes Of Reggae In Dub", lately released by Motion Records. The backing musicians on most tracks were the legendary Gladiators, who mainly built a reputation as a top vocal group through their many vocal hits, but in fact always enjoyed another role as in demand session musicians.
The two discs of this set collect approx. 85 minutes of great and timeless reggae music from renown and less well-known Jamaican artists delivered along fine - sometimes truly wicked - crisp riddims, which represent that typical and immediately recognizable sound of Channel One. Besides that this set incorporates a Channel One innovative initiative which made a serious impact in reggae music and even far beyond : the 12-inch single. Its superior reproduction of bass and treble and its capacity for playing both vocal and dub as a seamless whole was perfect for the bass-heavy sound of Channel One. So most of the tracks here included are presented showcase style : vocal and its version.
Besides the fact that "The Sound Of Channel One ~ King Tubby Connection" features fine songs, wicked performances and awesome dub versions, it adds another chapter to Jamaica's rich musical heritage, which makes it a more than welcome and essential part of any reggae collection. So, ignore at your peril !

Teacher & Mr. T.