The Upsetter Collection: A Lee Perry Jukebox
2 CD
February 7, 2007

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Give Me Justice - Lee Perry
  2. The Woodman - Lee Perry
  3. Run For Cover - Lee Perry
  4. I Am The Upsetter - Lee Perry
  5. Kimble The Nimble - Lee Perry
  6. People Funny Boy - Lee Perry
  7. Honey Love - Burt Walters
  8. Evol Yenoh - The Upsetters
  9. Tighten Up - The Inspirations
  10. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
  11. Man From MI5 - The Upsetters
  12. Clint Eastwood - The Upsetters
  13. A Live Injection - The Upsetters
  14. Medical Operation - The Upsetters
  15. Prisoner Of Love - Dave Barker
  16. My Cup - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  17. Soul Rebel - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  18. 400 Years - Peter Tosh & The Wailers
  19. Duppy Conqueror - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  20. Kaya - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  21. Small Axe - Bob Marley & The Wailers
  22. Rhythm Land (Dreamland Version) - U Roy
  23. Beat Down Babylon - Junior Byles
  24. Words Of My Mouth - The Gatherers
  25. To Be A Lover - Chenley Duffus
  26. I Do Love You - The Heptones
Disc 2

  1. Cow Thief Skank - Lee Perry & Charlie ace
  2. Bathroom Skank - Lee Perry
  3. Kentucky Skank - Lee Perry
  4. Dub Organizer - Dillinger & The Upsetters
  5. Rejoice Jah Jah Children - The Silvertones
  6. The Lama (aka The Spiritual Whip) - Jah Lion
  7. Penny Reel - Prince Jazzbo
  8. Enter The Dragon - The Upsetters
  9. Hurt So Good - Susan Cadogan
  10. Curley Locks - Junior Byles
  11. Move Out Of My Way - Bunny Clarke
  12. Kojak - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
  13. Fire Fe The Vatican - Max Romeo
  14. Sons Of Slaves - Junior Delgado
  15. Natural Mystic - Bob Marley
  16. Bad Food - Seke Molenga & Kalo Kawongolo
  17. Judgement Inna Babylon - Lee Perry
  18. I Am A Madman - Lee Perry
  19. Jamaican E.T. - Lee Perry
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4
Over the years the avid Perry fan has been treated to a notable amount of Lee Perry produced material released on cd and vinyl compilations. Unfortunately most of them could be qualified as slapdash compilations and/or featured the same tracks over and over again. However this set looks like a Lee Perry collection with a difference as it apparently has been compiled by The Upsetter himself in combination with his official 'ghost writer' David Katz, who wrote the sleevenotes with much input from Perry himself offering yet more enlightenment regarding 'Scratch' and the methods in his 'madness'.

Running through the track lists it's obvious that this collection contains a lot of tunes that earlier appeared on Trojan compilation sets like for example the 4 cd set "I Am The Upsetter: The Story Of The Lee ''Scratch'' Perry Golden Years", "Trojan Upsetter Box Set", "The Upsetter", "Scratch The Upsetter Again", and "Return Of Django". Not really surprising as Trojan has been releasing Perry produced stuff in various forms for quite some time by now.

Despite these duplications "The Upsetter Selection: A Lee Perry Jukebox" is a mighty collection that's tight and right -- truly pure prime all the time! This double disc set kicks off with sixties sides such as "Give Me Justice", "The Woodman", "Run For Cover", "I Am The Upsetter", "Kimble The Nimble" and the earliest true sign of his genius "People Funny Boy". Then the listener is treated to a selection of late sixties / early seventies gems. Amongst them six Wailers tracks, U Roy's cut to "Dreamland", "Rhythm Land", the brilliantly ahead of its time "Cow Thief Skank" by Lee Perry and deejay Charlie Ace, and The Gatherers' "Words Of My Mouth", which to many fans is Scratch's greatest achievement ever.

Other gems included here, and meanwhile also tracks that haven't appeared on other Perry compilations, are Chenley Duffus'"To Be A Lover", The Heptones' "I Do Love You", Jah Lion's "The Lama (aka "The Spiritual Whip", Prince Jazzbo's wicked "Penny Reel", Max Romeo's "Fire Fe The Vatican" (an alternate, anti-papal take of "War In A Babylon") and Junior Delgado's moving "Sons Of Slaves". The set is rounded off by one track of the Seke & Kalo African experiment, and three Lee "Scratch" Perry tracks that provide a taste of post Ark weirdness.

All in all a worthy collection of Perry produced material, but, unless you're a total newcomer to the genre, probably most of the tunes gathered on this double cd are already part of your reggae collection.