Various artists album review
Third World Cop
Palm Pictures-Munich

Tracking list

  1. Sly & Robbie - Zen Concrete (Interlude)
  2. Beenie Man Featuring Sly & Robbie - Dungle Boogie (BUD'da Mix)
  3. Sly & Robbie - Capone's Theme (Score)
  4. Red Dragon - We Run Things (Runway Mix)
  5. Innocent Crew - Papers (BUD'da Mix)
  6. Sly & Robbie - Softcore Surge
  7. Marley Brothers Featuring Ghetto Youths Crew - Call The Police
  8. Lady G - Man A Bad Man
  9. Buccaneer - Soca Nama
  10. Innocent Crew - Mambo Jambo (Mambo Re-rub)
  11. Tanto Metro & Mega Banton - Fake Name
  12. Red Dragon - We Run Things (Fuzz Townshend Mix)
  13. Luciano - Police & Thieves
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

"Third World Cop", the soundtrack for the new Palm Pictures feature film, mainly contains the production work of Sly & Robbie, with the exception of Lady G's "Man A Bad Man", which was produced by Danny Browne, the Andrew "Buccaneer" Bradford self-produced "Soca Nama" and the Donovan Germain produced "Fake Name" by Tanto Metro & Mega Banton. Tunes like "Dungle Boogie", "Man A Bad Man", "Soca Nama" and "Police & Thieves" were previously released on single. However, some of them here appear in a different mix.
Compared to the ultimate reggae soundtrack "Rockers" - which gathered a whole heap of great tunes and artists of that time - the music and artists featured on "Third World Cop" aren't exactly a blueprint of today's reggae/dancehall scene. Of course, the starting point is reggae/dancehall music, but Sly & Robbie have explored different styles and sounds, and utilized them in their production work. In the end they have succeeded in delivering a well varied soundtrack that can reach a broad audience, thus making it obvious that "Third World Cop" is not an album that will be purchased by many Reggae and/or Dancehall purists.

Teacher & Mr. T.