Various artists album review
Riddim Driven ~ Thrilla
VP Records
June 22, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Solid As A Rock - T.O.K.
  2. Stand Firm - Bounty Killer
  3. More Life - Vybz Kartel
  4. There Is A Doctor In The House - Rik Rok
  5. Luv Gal - Alozade
  6. Passa Passa - Leftside & Esco
  7. Dance - Danny English & Voice Mail
  8. Laughing Mood - General Degree
  9. Stop - Kiprich
  10. Get On Up & Dance - Elephant Man
  11. Loser - CÚCile & Lady Saw
  12. She Want The Hood - Bling Dawg
  13. Done A Ready - Macka Diamond
  14. Dance Get Sweet - Red Rat
  15. Exit Sign - Voice Mail (& Clean 'Thrilla'-riddim version)
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4/5

After the recent 'Career'-riddim, built for and together with First Name Music's Troy McLean, hitriddim-builder Christopher 'Longman' Birch of 'Scorcher', 'Blazing' (the riddim featured on the first (!) Riddim Driven compilation early 2001), 'Bonzi', 'Tunda Klap' (the riddim built for Delano and his Renaissance Crew) and most of all 'Sexy Lady' and 'Salsa' fame is back with the new exciting 'Thrilla'-riddim for VP's Riddim Driven series. This uptempo beat with its catchy keyboard hooks and melodic horns swings, and that is proven outright in the first track on this album, the potential crossover hit (even supported by a big video again) "Solid As A Rock" by T.O.K., followed by the wicked Bounty cut "Stand Firm" and Vybz Kartel's "More Life" more money more wife. Rik Rok, often paired with Shaggy, delivers the very fine solo gals tune if you wanna check me out / simply dial my number "There Is A Doctor In The House" and Alozade walks in his footsteps with "Luv Gal", even giving some safe sex tips in his rhymes. Up next is the first volume of Leftside & Esco's "Passa Passa" (check the review of "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #56 Mad Guitar" for "Passa Passa Volume 2") citing and imitating Ele, Bounty, Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall and more. A great bashment combination by Danny English & Voice Mail "Dance" even features a Michael-Jackson-esque 'Ooooow' sampled in, before ever reliable DJ extraordinaire General Degree brings everyone in a "Laughing Mood", and Kiprich goes into the territory of protecting gals in "Stop". Elephant Man (as usual) tries us all to "Get On Up And Dance". The ladies combination of CÚCile & Lady Saw steams on in explaining about man as a "Loser" before Bling Dawg has a very (hate the word, but it is extremely accurate in this case) groovy delivery in the slack "She Want The Hood". Macka Diamond continues her leap forward in exposure with the convincing "Done A Ready" complaining about one-minute-men. Red Rat proves with "Dance Get Sweet" why he is getting back en vogue, after already voicing the 'Blackout'- and 'Blue Steel'-riddims lately. Voice Mail gets a second tune on the riddim, and "Exit Sign" is a heavily vocodered chorus supported strong tune, followed by a version of this catchy and melodic 'Thrilla'-riddim. It remains a pity that Greensleeves always seems to be able to pack 4 or 5 more significant tunes on a CD in their Rhythm Album Series than VP does in these Riddim Driven releases, but still both series give full satisfaction for the non-45s-buying-dancehall-massive.