Tickle Me & Queen Majesty
Jah Ruby Records
January 10, 2006

Track list
    'Tickle Me'-riddim
  1. Lock It Down - Freddie McGregor
  2. Can't Hide - George Nooks
  3. Good Vibe - Glen Washington
  4. Mr. Gunman - Tinga Stewart
  5. Goodbye Then - Kashief Lindo
  6. Hold On Tight - Fiona
  7. Away - Nadine Sutherland
  8. Mek Dem Talk - Jah Ruby
    'Queen Majesty'-riddim
  9. Fallin In Love - Ken Boothe
  10. All For Nothing - Melodians
  11. My Favourite Girl - Nitty Kutchie
  12. One Breath At A Time - Kashief Lindo
  13. Marching - Tinga Stewart
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Jah Ruby made a big impression with the production of Freddy McGregor's "Lock It Down" opening Freddy's recently released album "Coming In Tough" over a fine relick played by Kashief Lindo, Robbie Shakespeare, Robbie Lyn & Willie Lindo of the classic 1968 Carlton & The Shoes 'Love Me Forever'-riddim. Now Everard 'Jah Ruby' Metcalf has released a two-riddim album on his own Jah Ruby Productions opening with this great tune, followed by impressive tunes "Can't Hide" by George Nooks, and "Good Vibe" by Glen Washington in very fine form. Then veteran dancehall singer Tinga Stewart contributes an excellent tune with "Mr. Gunman" and Kashief Lindo delivers the smooth "Good Bye Then" about becoming on his own again. Fiona (Robinson) is always on top of riddims like these, delivering her sweet lovers rocking advice in "Hold On Tight", followed by the unfortunately both underrated and underrecorded Nadine Sutherland contributing the superb "Away". Jah Ruby himself deejays "Mek Dem Talk", though a nice effort the least impressive tune over this riddim. Big singers time again as Ken Boothe delivers "Falling In Love", the first tune over the second riddim, a relick of the originally at Treasure Isle recorded 1967 Techniques' 'Queen Majesty'-riddim, followed by the Melodians'(!) great "All For Nothing" and former Scare Dem Crew singer Nitty Kutchie's very fine "My Favourite Girl". Kashief Lindo's "One Breath At A Time" is a great silky smooth delivered song, followed by Tinga Stewart's second tune on this album, the impressive "Marching" closing this album. The album wouldn't (of course, it's one of my favourite complaints about one- and two-riddim albums) have been hurt by the inclusion of the clean versions of both riddims, but nevertheless is firmly recommended, with two great relicks of classic riddims, and very fine to superb vocals over them.