Various artists album review
Tighty Tighty
October 12, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Highty Tighty - Elephant Man
  2. Sumn-Fi-Sumn - Vybz Kartel
  3. Shake Your Body - T.O.K.
  4. Push & Shove - Sizzla
  5. Oh No - Bling Dawg
  6. Michelle - Mr.Easy
  7. Rich & Famous - Ms Thing
  8. Same Old Story - Ward 21
  9. Reasons - Wayne Wonder
  10. Have Fi Good - Vybz Kartel
  11. Guns Blaze - Nicky B
  12. Tell Me - Tami
  13. Damage It - Razor
  14. Tek Wine - Sanjay
  15. Ackee Tree - Bugle & Tornado
  16. Tighty Tighty Rhythm - Donovan Bennett, Nigel Staff & Wayne McGregor
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4

Unbelievable seems to be the best description of the number of en vogue riddims Don Corleon Records' producer Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett has produced since him building 'Egyptian' together with and for Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis and producing the hit riddims 'Mad Ants', 'Krazy' and the extremely successfull 'Good To Go' and producing Sizzla's not by everyone well received "Rise To The Occasion" and a major contribution on the production side of Vybz Kartel's very well received "Up 2 Di Time" he built together with Paul 'Teetimus' Edmund and Andre 'Suku' Gray the 'Trifecta'-riddim to take us into 2004. After hitting out after that in 2004 with the 'French Vanilla'-riddim and his involvement in H20's 'Marmalade'-riddim and In The Streetz' recent and very hot 'Worried'-riddim, he co-produced with newcomer Kirk 'Cool Face' Ford the 'Cool Fusion'-riddim and then released yet another very infectious and dancehalls worldwide ruling 'Mad Guitar'-riddim, thus almost reaching the stages of single-handedly providing the main contributions to Greensleeves Rhythm Album series. After a short 4 riddims gap Greensleeves now releases his next riddim in their series. Fortunately, and that's his strength, there's no downside to that. All riddims he builds or produces seem to be as strong as their predecessors, with his 'Drop Leaf'-riddim being his first and very well received release of a roots riddim. And this next dancehall riddim 'Tighty Tighty' is no exception either, it's a great bashment riddim, uptempo and infectious. The melody played on the flamenco-guitar immediately brings up memories of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita", and the whole selection of tunes on this riddim has the same catchy vibe as La Ciccione's worldwide chartbuster. Elephant Man excuses girls for being "Highty Tighty" as long as they take off their nighty for him, before Vybz Kartel goes real slack in his "Sumn-Fi-Sumn" although he gives the girls the advice if you tired fi fuck fi free / run come a mi. T.O.K.'s "Shake Your Body" is extremely vocodered, yet that doesn't ruin this trademark combination of Jamaican DJing and R&B-vocals for me, but I'm sure some people think they've heard enough vocodered vocals for a decade this year alone. Sizzla is his usual overscreaming self in the chorus of "Push & Shove" but he's doing fine in the verses. Bling Dawg delivers one of the songs really standing out alongside the two Vybz Kartels with his entertaining badman tune "Oh No". The lovers department gets served by Mr. Easy's "Michelle", and the ladies are told by Ms. Thing how she wants to live like the "Rich & Famous". Ward 21's "Same Old Story" is just that, an anti-haters tune in their inimitable style, followed by Wayne Wonder's destined to crossover effort "Reasons" and the War Angel's second (strong) and equally slack take on the riddim "Have Fi Good". As always on a Vendetta riddim there's a (strong) tune by singer Nicky B here contributing a very convincing reality tune with his anti-(police-)violence "Guns Blaze" / police come raid / another life ends coldblooded. Tami is aiming to be the most seductive female singer and her "Hyperventalating" on 'Stepz' was a fine indication she might succeed, as is her "Tell Me" here. The other relative newcomers Razor (bragging again about his bedroom stamina) in "Damage It", Sanjay (on the same subject) in "Tek Wine" and Bugle & Tornado telling less explicit how it out happened under the "Ackee Tree" are delivering all above par again before this very infectious riddim shines in the clean "Tighty Tighty Rhythm"-version. Despite all the rae rae 2004 seems to be a very fine year riddimwise in my opinion.