This Is Lovers Rock
December 23, 2007

Dee Sharp - This Is Lovers Rock Track list
  1. Alpha - Can't Get Over You
  2. Donna Rhoden - It's True
  3. Brown Sugar - I Am In Love With A Dreadlocks
  4. Sister Love - Goodbye Little Man
  5. Carrol Thompson - I Am So Sorry
  6. Keith Douglas - I Specialise In Good Girls
  7. Deborahe Glasgow - Knight With Shining Armour
  8. Dee Sharp - Lets Dub It Up
  9. Jean Adebambo - Paradise
  10. The Wild Bunch feat. Sandra Cross - Country Living)
  11. Peter Spence - Don't Leave Me Lonely
  12. Mellow Rose - Feel It
  13. One Blood - Get In Touch
  14. Winsome - Am I The Same Girl
  15. Lorna Gee - Got To Find A Way
  16. Maxine Harvey - Gimme Little Sign
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5
The term 'lovers rock' inadvertently came from a south London based label of the same name. The name summed up the style of the moment just as the male dominated conscious drum and bass style was beginning to wear thin and female vocalists were deciding to do their own thing. It was a reaction to the dominance of roots orientated reggae of the period. A softer approach to life but still utilizing "ruff'n'tuff" bassline, lovers rock made people just want to get closer and the music proved the key. All the ground rules of the genre were laid down on an outstanding record produced by London sound operator Lloydie Coxsone in 1975, who produced 15 years old Louisa Marks' hit 'Caught You In A Lie', the reggae version of Robert Parker's soul classic of the same name. Within a matter of months, lovers rock began to outsell the traditional roots music practically every time. The names Janet Kay, Carol Thompson, Louisa Marks, and Caron Wheeler were synonymous with the whole '70s and 80's musical revolution. The lovers rock phenomenon has clearly never gone away as audiences and dj's alike try to recapture, relive or even re-introduce themselves to this sound.

This cd is quite a departure from the recent batch of re-issue material that Greensleeves have released. The UK based Lovers Rock is not a sub-genre of reggae that many people do not associate with the label, but they would be wrong, because for time in the late 70ís / early 80ís, Greensleeves had an offshoot label dedicated to Lovers Rock, called Cool Rockers where some of the material for this compilation is culled from. All the songs on this compilation were massive hits of the time. On this set you'll find classics from the labels Cool Rockers, UK Bubblers, Ariwa and Fashion Records. Since the inception in the summer of 1980 London based Fashion Records has delivered a string of memorable lovers rock hits such as Dee Sharp's Lets Dub It Up, Am I The Same Girl by Winsome and I Specialise In Good Girls by sweet voiced vocalist Keith Douglas. Producer and label owner Neil Fraser aka The Mad Professor has always been a vivid fan of the lovers rock genre. For his Ariwa label he has recorded numerous lovers rock titles. Here he contributes two titles, first there's the massive hit Country Living by Sandra Cross and second comes Lorna Gee's Got To Find A Way. Jamaican producer Leonard 'Santic' Chin relocated to the UK in the mid-seventies, where he produced lovers rock classics such as Donna Rhoden's It's True, Jean Adebambo's Paradise and Carrol Thompson's I Am So Sorry.

A very nice collection, worthwhile for anyone in the mood!