Various artists album review
Time's Up
PSM Recordings
10 - 11 - 1997

Tracking list

  1. Barrington Levy - Under 16
  2. Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus - No bow down
  3. Rocker T. & Jamalski with Sarah I & Mama T. - War pan pause
  4. Alex Duncan - Man a die
  5. Nicodemus - Boneman '96 (HipHop original)
  6. Rocker T. - Jah everlasting
  7. Wookie J. with Belinda Perale - Cutie pie
  8. Grandson Demus/Jamalski/New Dealers - Jah never fail me yet
  9. Ras Kiddus - We will be lovers
  10. Jr. Robby - Rosie
  11. Rocker T. with Sarah I - True ganjaman
  12. Wookie J. - Honor
  13. Grandson Demus - Warn dem
  14. Rocker T. & Jamalski - True freedom fighters
  15. S.O.S. with Julia Rose & Sarah I - Drug war
  16. Jr. Robby - When she moves
  17. Barrington Levy - Under 16 (Time is serious mix)
  18. War pan pause version
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4/5

Throughout the years Positive Sound Massive Recordings has managed to develop a real good sound of its own. It's a bass driven sound that fits somewhere between dancehall, hip-hop, funk and jazz, not quite the usual reggae stuff but listening with a fresh ear one has to conclude that they have good beats, bass lines and horns that come together sounding fresh, clean and powerful.
The label's first compilation album features many unreleased or limited release singles recorded by PSM during a period spanning from 1993 to mid 1997. Most of the songs are solid, the best include Rocker T's "Jah Everlasting", the S.O.S. tune "Drug War", Rocker T. & Jamalski's "War pan pause" and both versions of "Under 16" done by dancehall master Barrington Levy. With this release PSM Recordings truly delivers an album with no limits, thus stretching the boundaries of reggae music. A "future sound" showcase ?!.

Teacher & Mr. T.