Various artists album review
Tings + Time
Vp / Walboomers Music
11 - 09 - 1999

Tracking list

  1. Freddie McGregor - Get Ready
  2. Frankie Paul - Your Mind
  3. Marcia Griffiths - Bend Down Low
  4. Bushman - What's The Matter With The World
  5. Tanto Metro & Devonte - Good Body Gal
  6. Singing Melody - Good Girls
  7. Gregory Isaacs - Girl Of My Mind
  8. Delroy Stewart - As Long As You Love Me
  9. Lone Ranger & Delroy Stewart - Yagga You
  10. Colin Roach - Fine 100 Ways
  11. Ian Sweetness - Still
  12. Thriller U - I'll Prove It
  13. Johnny P - Fight Fi Old Buck
  14. Ernest Wilson - Hold On
  15. Spanner Banner - Life Goes On
  16. Admiral Tibett - Leave People Business
  17. Little Richie - Woman
  18. Candy Man - Nothing Gonna Change
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

Producer Winston Riley has been active in the reggae business form more than three decades. He used to be a vocalist in the rocksteady group the Techniques and started out producing on his own in the late 60s, scoring very big with the Stalag riddim, a riddim that definitely has stood the test of time more than well ! Throughout his long lasting career he cut fine tunes with Johnny Osbourne, General Echo, Lone Ranger, Red Dragon, Errol Scorcher and Frankie Paul. His update of Marcia Griffiths 'Feel Like Skanking', retitled 'Boops', voiced by Killimanjaro deejay Supercat proved to be his most important tune in the digital era.
The one riddim album 'Tings + Time features no less than 18 cuts across the 'Back Out With It' riddim, made popular by the vocal harmony group The Wailing Souls for producer Coxsone Dodd. In the 70s they also cut a more then excellent version of the riddim for the Channel One outlet of producer Jojo Hookim. One of the best versions of the riddim ever is Lovindeers' humerous slackness anthem 'Mah Shortage'.
The revitalised riddim is tearing up the dances all over the world with several producers putting out numerous versions, producer Donovan Germain being very succesful with his combination tune 'Pull It Up'.
The set offers a well varied mixture of roots tunes and lovers orientated tracks. Freddie McGregor opens the album with one of the highlights, Get Ready. Bushman and Admiral Tibett make a solid impression with their roots tunes, whilst Gregory Isaacs and Frankie Paul are in fine shape and they both put out a smooth tune. The combination Tanto Metro & Devonte is rersponsable for another highlight on the album with the track Good Body Gal. Studio One veteran Ernest Wilson is present here with the excellent track Hold On.
The backing is provided by Steely & Clevie, Robbie Lyn, Dwight Pickney, Chinna Smith and Glen DaCosta.

Teacher & Mr. T.