Various artists album review
Tixx / Blaze
CD / 2LP
10 - 03 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Sizzla - Go To The Point
  2. Beenie Man - Straight Prison
  3. Mr. Vegas - Some-Bwoy
  4. Ward 21 - For Da Ladies
  5. Zumjay & Wayne Marshall - 101 Ways To Kill Satan
  6. Ward 21 & Elephant Man - Anything-A-Anything
  7. Ricky Rudy aka Bling Dog - Say My Name
  8. Alizade - More Woman
  9. Mad Cobra - Grudge
  10. Spragga Benz - Gunz-Up
  11. Danny English - One Two
  12. Sizzla - Blaze Fire Blaze
  13. Ward 21 & Fahrenheit - All About The Money
  14. Elephant Man - Blaze it Up
  15. Lady Saw - Defend The Girls
  16. Delly Ranks Featuring Patchy - Big Up
  17. Ward 21 & Wayne Marshall - Thugs 4 Life
  18. Lexxus - Go Dung So
  19. Frisco Kid - Round Here
  20. Mad Cobra - Which One
  21. Zumjay - Chat
  22. Kiprich - Rinse It
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

In the mid-eighties one Lloyd James - then known as Prince Jammy - was crowned King when he revolutionized the sound of reggae music with a tune called "Under Me Sleng Teng", which he recorded with youth singer Wayne Smith. It made him the undisputed king of computerized, digital reggae music for the eighties. In the next decade the reggae massive welcomed King Jammy's son Lloyd "John John" James Jr. as a young budding production talent. Talent must run in the family because his brother Christopher James has emerged as one of Jamaica's hottest producers with both "Tixx" and "Blaze" ruling in the dance in Jamaica right now! Both riddims are featured on "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #10", the second split riddim album in this highly collectable series of hardcore dancehall riddim compilation sets. Tracks 1-11 are efforts over the "Tixx" riddim, while tracks 12-22 are the cuts for the fresher than fresh "Blaze" riddim, which haven't hit the streets yet in any other form.
The "Greensleeves Rhythm Album" series has become synonymous with the newest and hottest talent the ragga/dancehall scene has to offer, and this instalment is no exception with leading artists like Sizzla, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Lexxus, Lady Saw, Spragga Benz and Elephant Man on the album's track listing. Besides that the dancehall fan is treated to pieces from some of the most anticipated new talents like Danny English, Zumjay, Kiprich and the Ward 21 outfit. The "Tixx" and the "Blaze" are both tear-up, stripped-down computerized riddims thus coming up to the hardcore ragga fan's taste. Best efforts on the "Tixx" are Sizzla's "To The Point", Beenie Man's "Straight Prison", Mr. Vegas' "Some-Bwoy" and Spragga Benz's "Gunz-Up", while Elephant Man's "Blaze It Up", Delly Ranks & Patchy's "Big Up", Frisco Kid's "Round Here" and Kiprich's "Rinse It" make a solid impression for the "Blaze" riddim.

Teacher & Mr. T.